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  • First Look Preview (GameSpot)

    "The gameplay in FaceBreaker looks to be a fairly simple affair: When in the ring, you'll have light and strong attacks you can use to build up your FaceBreaker meter. Each punch you land will add some energy to the meter."
  • First Look Preview (IGN)

    "The gameplay, at its roots, is actually no more complicated than a game of rock-paper-scissors. There are light and heavy attacks that can be launched either high or low and then there's the defense of parrying and dodging incoming strikes."
  • Preview (Eurogamer)

    "On PS3 and 360, face buttons are used to administer light and strong attacks, with the shoulders employed for defence and combos. The game uses a "rock, paper, scissors mechanic" to even out the odds, where "light beats strong beats defence beats light". You can also dash, parry, throw and dodge."

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