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The Pistons couldn't get the job done last night, I think it goes 7 w/ the Pistons coming out on top. I kinda think the Lakers get by the Spurs in 6.

Trying to slowly get back into the routine, a megaton of errands to do today, so I need to get started.

What's up with you?
  • QOTD: Who do you want to see in the NBA Finals?
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# 1 callmegoose @ 05/21/08 06:50 AM
Since the Celt's beat my Cavaliers, I want anyone but Boston. I don't even want Detroit to win, I guess let's see the Spurs win another one.
# 2 callmetaternuts @ 05/21/08 06:58 AM
QOTD: Celts vs Lakers i guess, re-kindle an old rivalry
# 3 SPTO @ 05/21/08 07:05 AM
QOTD: Lakers/Celtics

I actually want to see a ceremony for the first game in both arenas where the stars of the '80s come out. You know the Garden would be going crazy to see Bird, McHale and Parrish being involved somehow. Same goes for the Staples Center if they bring out Magic, Worthy and Kareem.
# 4 boomhauertjs @ 05/21/08 07:26 AM
That Mortal Kombat video brought back some good memories.

QOTD: I really dislike all of 4 teams. I guess Lakers/Celtics because it would get good ratings and be good for the league.
# 5 LetsGoPitt @ 05/21/08 08:17 AM
QOTD: Anyone as long as one of them loses in 4 games so the offseason lasts longer....
# 6 sbmnky @ 05/21/08 08:23 AM
Being a Lakers fan, I'd love to see LA v DET - revenge is a dish best served cold.
# 7 Brandwin @ 05/21/08 08:56 AM
I don't even follow the NBA anymore really and I want the Lakers and Celtics.
# 8 Behindshadows @ 05/21/08 09:09 AM
QOTD - Lakers/Celtics
# 9 Pete1210 @ 05/21/08 09:18 AM
# 10 Beantown @ 05/21/08 09:47 AM
Lakers/Celics, with the Celtics coming out on top.
# 11 Scott @ 05/21/08 09:47 AM
QOTD: Lakers/Celtics
# 12 yamabushi @ 05/21/08 10:53 AM
QOTD; 92-93 Charlotte Hornets/93-94 Nuggets

this years series bores me to tears.
# 13 trobinson97 @ 05/21/08 11:45 AM
Spurs/Pistons finals

1. To rub it in the faces of all the bandwagoners and casuals who want the laker/Celtic matchup.

2. I'd love to see the rematch, with the Pistons coming out on top this time. I love watching these two teams play.
# 14 SPTO @ 05/21/08 01:14 PM
Originally Posted by MassNole
QOTD: The NBA will fix it to be a Lakers/Celtics final.
Will they fix it so that it'll be a 7 game series that goes into Double OT in the last game?
# 15 Marino @ 05/21/08 01:19 PM
QOTD: IDC just as long as their are good games...just push the NBA playoffs as long as possible so i dont have to watch my horrendous Dodgers offense play

But i think i would enjoy Celtics/Lakers most and then Boston losing bc i love watching Boston teams lose
# 16 ndeezlo @ 05/21/08 01:25 PM
Pistons vs. Grizzlies*

*Grizzlies equal random western conference team...

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