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Have a screenshot request from our beta copy of NCAA Football 09? If so, setup your mini-avatar and put in your request.

*Comments closed, look for the screenshots later this evening. I'll have another setup tomorrow, so if I didn't get to your request, you either didn't have a mini-avatar setup, or I didn't get to it. Post it again tomorrow.

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# 1 SportsAce @ 05/22/08 11:39 AM
Could I get a couple of Memorial Stadium and a few of Nebraska's main players? Thanks Steve.
# 2 Scott @ 05/22/08 11:39 AM
I'd like to request a shot of DKR (Texas)
# 3 nstod @ 05/22/08 11:40 AM
Anything Utah at home would be awesome. Thanks.
# 4 Solidice @ 05/22/08 11:46 AM
how about a picture of Texas Tech's all-black uniforms(hopefully they are in) if your allowed to do that.(don't know since EA has been releasing them on their site)
# 5 noplace @ 05/22/08 11:47 AM
Originally Posted by SportsAce
Could I get a couple of Memorial Stadium and a few of Nebraska's main players? Thanks Steve.
Dido & can you check & see if Nebraska has any alternate unis...Thanks
# 6 BenSchoolYard @ 05/22/08 11:47 AM
yeah any nebraska pic would be good, but also tim tebow so we can see if they added the new facemasks.
# 7 Gamecock @ 05/22/08 11:53 AM
South Carolina's away uni's or if you possibly could check if they have their all black alts and possibly take a picture of them for me.

# 8 JoltinJacket @ 05/22/08 11:53 AM
I'll throw a request out there for a picture of Georgia Tech's alternate uniforms (hoping that they have our navy blue jerseys in the game).
# 9 ausar72 @ 05/22/08 11:56 AM

If your version of the game has this, can you do a bowl game so that we can see if they are going to have the endzone art included this year?

Thanks in advance!

# 10 Gamecock @ 05/22/08 12:00 PM
I wonder if some of the things we're asking him wont happen..the alternate jerseys and such would probably be something ea wants to show themselves I imagine.
# 11 allconsoles @ 05/22/08 12:02 PM
can I get a shot of tennessee freshmen in the game in their alternate unis
# 12 J-Unit40 @ 05/22/08 12:02 PM
I'd like a picture of Percy Harvin in The Swamp, wearing all-blues, breaking a Volunteers' ankles.

Seriously though, any picture of Percy would be appreciated. I want to see if that specific facemask made it in the game. I think it did, but wasn't sure.
# 13 kneebon5 @ 05/22/08 12:19 PM
Kibbie Dome shots.
# 14 Brandwin @ 05/22/08 12:39 PM
Wouldn't mind a screenshot of the Baylor roster. Like scroll to the overall roster and rank them from best to worst and just give me a screen shot.
# 15 shanemaddox @ 05/22/08 12:45 PM
I would like to see a clear shot of Cal at Syracuse. Here's why, changes in helmets and uniforms for both teams that no one is really talking about. I heard Syracuse is combining the old and the new"ish". Meaning, kinda the same as they had last year, but a little bit of McNabb's year thrown in. Plus I would like to see a clear shot of Cal's new garb too.
# 16 JBucc @ 05/22/08 12:46 PM
They've showed a bunch of snow, but I don't believe I've seen a shot of a rainy muddy field. I'd like one of those in whatever stadium.
# 17 blackngoldfan @ 05/22/08 01:00 PM
I'd like to see a screenshot of a stadium that went from generic in 08, to authentic in 09. (Sunny day. Doesn't matter which one.)
# 18 ab713 @ 05/22/08 01:00 PM
I'd like to see if my cousin is in the game. He led FIU to there only win last year. QB #12 Paul McCall. Also, a shot of Bright House Networks Stadium at UCF would be appreciated. Thanks.
# 19 oldman @ 05/22/08 01:01 PM
Ditto on seeing a rainy game with the field all muddy. Also, could you check and see if there are medical redshirts and player discipline and if so post pics of them?
# 20 ASB37 @ 05/22/08 01:08 PM
Rutgers stadium please. I wanna see if they added the expansion seats.

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