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We've teamed up with the guys from BuzzerBeater to cross promote each others sites. Visitors to the OS Forums will notice some BuzzerBeater links appearing from time to time.

What is BuzzerBeater? It is an online basketball management game developed by a company called Digital Field Theory who are based out of Cambridge, MA. Their President, Charles Steinhardt describes the game below:

"In BuzzerBeater, you are the general manager of your very own basketball team, competing against over 26,000 teams from around the world. Your team plays games three times per week, two in a league competition (with the winners advancing to tougher and tougher leagues), and one in a March Madness-style tournament involving every team in the country. At the heart of BuzzerBeater is the game engine and the advanced coaching AI designed for realistic end-game simulation. On the day of the game, you submit a detailed set of tactics, and then at game time you can watch your team play live on an ESPN GameCast-style viewer.

As the general manager, you control every aspect of your team's strategy. Far beyond simply buying and selling players, the ways you can customize your team include choosing points of emphasis for your coaches to train your players, building an arena and selecting ticket prices, hiring a coaching staff, scouting players for the upcoming draft, and many more. To be a successful manager, you will need to balance your team's long term goals, such as developing your young players and expanding your arena, with more immediate goals, such as winning games, balancing the budget, and keeping the fans happy.

BuzzerBeater is a free, ad-supported game. Unlike most other MMOGs, BuzzerBeater allows free players to compete on an equal footing with "supporters". Supporters have the ability to create private leagues and private message boards, in addition to getting additional graphics and extras."

Its free so check it out and let us know what you think.

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