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Have a screenshot request from our beta copy of NCAA Football 09? If so, setup your mini-avatar and put in your request. No mini-avatar? No screenshot for you!

*Closed topic. If you missed your chance, I'll have another one opened up tomorrow.

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# 1 Scott @ 05/24/08 09:20 PM
Can I get a screenshot of Floyd Casey Stadium (Baylor)
# 2 mctrees02 @ 05/24/08 09:21 PM
Can I get a screenshot of any other unis (other than black/black) for Texas Tech as well as a screenshot(s) of Jones AT&T Stadium? Thank you sir!

Oh...and any Wake Forest screens would be appreciated.
# 3 jdrhammer @ 05/24/08 09:22 PM
Could I get you to set up a game of Ole Miss vs. Ole Miss so I can see the white jerseys vs either the red alt's or the home blue and take a pic?

Also, could you show me the QB's and HB's on Ole Miss' roster? Thanks a bunch.
# 4 Heslap23 @ 05/24/08 09:23 PM
Can you please post some screenshots of virginia tech's stadium at night? That would be really cool. And if it's not too much to ask, can you put some screenshots of virgina tech's impact players? Thanks Alot.
# 5 Solidice @ 05/24/08 09:24 PM
# 6 coogrfan @ 05/24/08 09:26 PM
Hi. Can I please get a couple gameplay shots of Houston on the road (including at least one closeup of qb#7)? Thanks.
# 7 vick0989 @ 05/24/08 09:30 PM
hello,I would really be thankful if you could do one of the Tebow Revo Helmet with a visor and high socks for the florida gators if possible. Thanks Very Much
# 8 Scott @ 05/24/08 09:32 PM
# 9 goncsupack2 @ 05/24/08 09:33 PM
Hi. Can I please get some pictures of NC State home and away, just some closeups of the new uni's (front and side). Thanks!
# 10 Solidice @ 05/24/08 09:34 PM
Thanks for everything you are doing Steve.

Arkansas State Home and away jerseys in their stadium if possible.
# 11 gil92h @ 05/24/08 09:37 PM
Can you get a few screen shots of:
1.) Auburn's kicker in action, #18 Wes Byrum, and his stats
2.) Also a few screens of Kodi Burns in a game, also #18, Auburn's quarterback
# 12 slane504NYY @ 05/24/08 09:38 PM
Hey Steve can PLEASE get pictures of both of Tulane's Uniforms? They started their contract with nike last season but it didn't make it to 08. Can you find those for me........... Especially the white uniform? Both front and side. Thanks...
# 13 PolishRocket @ 05/24/08 09:39 PM
can i get a shot of toledo in game? i want to see if they updated the jerseys.

also a shot of the WR depth chart, im wondering if any of the freshman from this class are there.

thank you in advance.
# 14 RubenDouglas @ 05/24/08 09:40 PM
would love to see some UTAH @ NEW MEXICO gameplay/uniform shots.. whatever you can get that shows off the graphics.

lastly if you dont mind looking real quick, in either a screenshot or in text form. whats QB #15 rating for New Mexico. He wasnt in the top 5 on the team screenshot list. in real life, hes easily at the level of the highest ranked player. Huge omission on EAs part

# 15 AZUNIQUE @ 05/24/08 09:41 PM
Hi. Can I please get a couple gameplay shots of CPU vs CPU San Diego State (Home) TCU ( Away) And The Rest Of The PAC 10 Stadiums Please Thank You.
# 16 elkpride019 @ 05/24/08 09:49 PM
Steve, could you hook me up with some Notre Dame pictures? Could you get pictures of QB #7 Clausen in action? Could you also get a picture of the next couple of ND player ratings besides the first 10 or so that were posted for every team? Thanks
# 17 Cotton500 @ 05/24/08 09:54 PM
Steve, Great Job so far on the game, much appreciated,

Can I get screenshots of Miami's top freshman's ratings please?
(top ones should be at lb, dt, wr and qb)

# 18 TX_horns13 @ 05/24/08 09:57 PM
i want to see some north texas screens at home and the WR ratings for UNT
# 19 clemtgrrb5 @ 05/24/08 10:00 PM
can i get some game play shots of clemson and c.j. spiller wanted me to ask for some more clemson player ratings. thank you!
# 20 Apollo @ 05/24/08 10:06 PM
How about some Buckeye screens?

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