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Have a screenshot request from our beta copy of NCAA Football 09? If so, setup your mini-avatar and put in your request. No mini-avatar? No screenshot for you!

One request per, as getting multiple shots requires to much back and forth. If it's something I can check on within the game or menus without backing out and resetting up, I'm fine with that, but otherwise please keep it one request. Also, no more PM's and e-mails, I've gotten so many, I've started to ignore them. Thanks for understanding.

This topic will be locked very shortly, as I need my beauty sleep.

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# 1 huskeraddict @ 05/27/08 09:13 PM
Can I get a shot of Nebraska's all white uniforms?

Thanks Steve!
# 2 coogrfan @ 05/27/08 09:13 PM
Hi Steve. Can I please get a screenshot of the following (dealers choice on the teams used).

Practice mode -- (1) formation select screen.

Thanks in advance.
# 3 minister @ 05/27/08 09:13 PM
could you post some of NC State stadium and maybe some in game shots thanks steve
# 4 ThePebble19 @ 05/27/08 09:13 PM
Can you please get a screen shot with both of the Buffalo Bulls Home and Away uniforms?

Thank you very much!
# 5 gopherfan7815 @ 05/27/08 09:13 PM
thanks for all your hard work steve, could i get a screenshot of the minnesota gophers qb #18 playing in an actual game, thanks again
# 6 irishfan83 @ 05/27/08 09:13 PM
can i please see the rose bowl stadium where theres oregon playing illinois.

Thanks steve
# 7 Deegeezy @ 05/27/08 09:14 PM
Hey Steve...Thanks for all of your work. We all really appreciate it.

Could you please post a screen shot of Baylor's FB's, DE's, DT's, FS's, and SS's on the View Rosters page? Thanks again!
# 8 bosox5s @ 05/27/08 09:14 PM
I'd love to see michigan's runningback ratings.
thanks a lot
# 9 vick0989 @ 05/27/08 09:14 PM
Hello, could you do one of Tim Tebow with high socks,all Blue Uniforms(doesn't matter) and maximum arm build,no longsleeves. thank you,Cody
# 10 TTUmatador8 @ 05/27/08 09:14 PM
Can I please get a shot of North Texas' QBs ratings
# 11 Hassan Darkside @ 05/27/08 09:15 PM
Can I get a pic of Tyrod Taylor (QB #5) in the ALL-MAROON Virginia Tech unis? I requested something similar before but I think you read it wrong and just took a screen of the maroon and white unis.

# 12 jestr962 @ 05/27/08 09:15 PM
Could you please post the ratings of Penn States RB's and LB's. THanks alot Steve.
# 13 syds @ 05/27/08 09:15 PM
can i get the ratings for the cb's for texas a&m. thanks
# 14 o 99 PROBL3MS o @ 05/27/08 09:15 PM
I would like to see rating screens for the Arkansas Razorbacks Cornerbacks, Safetys and Tightends. If your doing just one screen i'll take CBs. Thanks steve.
# 15 mowyea @ 05/27/08 09:15 PM
Can i see Michigans depth at QB and WR also their impact players? thank you.
# 16 MizzouJD @ 05/27/08 09:15 PM
I want to see:

Mizzou’s "My School" Screen (rating fan base, facilities etc. from Poor to Elite)

# 17 I Peench @ 05/27/08 09:15 PM
Finally caught one of these threads before it closes! I was wondering if I could get the screens of the "My Class" displaying prestige and program tradition, fan base, etc. for UNC, Notre Dame, and Penn State. Hope its not too much to ask. I know in 08 you could start up an offline dynasty with all three and its pretty easy to get. If not, I'll gratefully just take UNC. Thanks a bunch!
# 18 UCLABrewin @ 05/27/08 09:15 PM
Hey Steve, would it be at all possible to get some screens of UCLA's ratings (QB,RB,WR,DT,CB). Or some pics of UCLA in their away uni's at the Rose Bowl. Either of these would be great. Thanks in advance.
# 19 Steve_OS @ 05/27/08 09:15 PM
Originally Posted by mowyea
Can i see Michigans depth at QB and WR also their impact players? thank you.
Get a mini-avatar.
# 20 tswells @ 05/27/08 09:16 PM
Gameplay of Missouri in alternate uniforms at home in a night game. Any shots of WR #9 or QB #10 would be great. I'd also like to see the hill, with the big rock M, to see if people are sitting there yet.

If that's too much, Missouri's skill position depth charts would also be appreciated. Thank you.

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