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Do you have any questions for the Producers of Don King Presents: Prizefighter? If so, post them here, we'll try to get the answers back as soon as we can.

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# 1 fistofrage @ 05/28/08 12:53 PM
Is there an option to have accelerated clock or 2 minute rounds in career mode?
Same for open/exhibition mode?
Are there stoppages for cuts or other injuries?
# 2 CKJB @ 05/28/08 12:56 PM
Is the punch count accurate? Are do you throw 1000 punches in 12 rd match.
# 3 aholbert32 @ 05/28/08 01:25 PM
How many players can be created?
# 4 Steve_OS @ 05/28/08 04:30 PM
The hype score is 8 out of 10 and we can only manage a few questions? Come on guys!
# 5 Rainey @ 05/28/08 07:57 PM
In regards to fighting style, will you have to plan and react to a new strategy for each fight, or will you be able to use the same strategy over and over again?
# 6 acarrero @ 05/29/08 12:25 AM
Does a fighter's different hands carry different power each? (left hook vs right hook)?
# 7 Complex @ 05/29/08 06:01 AM
What are the attributes that each fighter is measured in? Please list them if possible.
# 8 Complex @ 05/29/08 06:02 AM
How are injuries taken into account?
# 9 JayBee74 @ 05/29/08 10:00 AM
Could you give us examples of the "Street Fighter Punching Mechanic", like a button combo that generates a particular punch?
# 10 LP @ 05/29/08 02:18 PM
Originally Posted by Jon22
Has the collision detection been cleaned up?
That is a pretty good one. I would like to have an answer for this as well.

Also, are there flash KO's, stoppages, and a realistic number of fights going to the judges?
# 11 Chibi @ 05/29/08 04:49 PM
On a scale of "linear" to "open-ended," where does the career mode fall? What kind of replayability is there in Prizefighter?
# 12 Steve_OS @ 05/30/08 05:59 AM
Thanks guys, should be good.

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