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Didn't get to see the Lakers-San Antonio game last night, but I did see that no call foul play at the end of regulation. I think it was the angle at where the ref was standing at. Heard on SportsCenter that they were making those types of "no" calls the entire game, so I guess it was the right call, let them play!

Work is going to be a bear the rest of the week!
  • QOTN: What two teams are going to be in the NBA Finals?

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# 1 Scott @ 05/28/08 11:46 PM
QOTN: As much as I'd like for it to be the Spurs & Celtics, I believe it'll be the Lakers & Celtics.
# 2 SPTO @ 05/29/08 12:05 AM
QOTN: It's gonna be back to the future with the Lakers winning in 7.
# 3 shugknight @ 05/29/08 01:05 AM
This is one of the most hilarious and painful thing to watch.

"This is called Guitar Hero World Tour, where they get to play many different instruments also with guitar's".

"Isn't that called Rock Band?"

# 4 boomhauertjs @ 05/29/08 07:27 AM
QOTN: Lakers v. Celtics (and the NBA Playoffs)

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