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ESPN has just posted their Page 2 article entitled, The Good (And Bad) of Sports Video Games. In the article, there is a little blurb that links back to our site. Make sure you check it out.

"Albert Einstein once said that innovation is not the product of logical thought. And to think: The Nobel Prize winner never fumbled his way through a game of "Madden 06" with the passing cone turned on. From novel features to shifting controls, sports games are forever attempting to innovate -- the better to convince you that last year's edition is more outdated than rotary telephones, and that this year's iteration is as essential as oxygen. Sometimes these changes make all the difference. Sometimes they make E.T. on the Atari 2600 look inspired. Well, almost.

Herein, Page 2 presents our picks for the best and worst sports video game innovations."

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# 1 BrianFifaFan @ 05/29/08 06:11 PM
Great article. But why does everyone wanna crack on Sportstalk Football? That was a innovative game. And fun!
# 2 poster @ 05/29/08 07:15 PM
Cool to see OS linked too.
# 3 statum71 @ 05/29/08 10:24 PM
Sorry. Gotta disagree about commentary. Thats one of the most important elements of ANY sports game. So what if they repeat phrases, I never turn it off. A sports game with no commentary at all feels like I'm playing a game at Putt-Putt; arcady and absolutely no realism.

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