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The following websites has posted Tecmo Bowl: Kickoff updates:
  • Tecmo Bowl: Hands On (Joystiq)

    "On the field, it was a matter of sacking the other team's quarterback or getting the ball downfield it's very simple yet fun stuff; you don't need a degree in "Advanced Maddenism" to play, or even that much knowledge of football."
  • Tecmo Bowl: Kickoff Preview (1up)

    "The main differences are the lack of an NFL license -- which is unavoidable from Tecmo's perspective since EA has that locked up for the time being, but still a bummer -- and the new touch screen controls where you can tap on receivers to pass, point on the screen to move a la Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword, or scribble on your player to break a tackle."

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# 1 Goffs @ 05/30/08 05:57 AM
sweet! its very customizable! now i will be busy with creating my own little NFL on the DS

id expect a roster and uniform thread here on OS
# 2 Sausage @ 05/30/08 01:24 PM
Very customizable: Check
Same great gameplay with tweaks: Check
More added presentation: Check
Online capable: Check
Cash available to purchase on the first day: Check

Once concern I have from reading IGNs preview is that one can adjust all the attributes to the max.
# 3 jake44np @ 05/30/08 02:22 PM
Game that looks like its from the 1980's: check
# 4 burnwood @ 05/30/08 02:54 PM
Definite buy for the DS.

I've always hated the sound though ever since Tecmo Bowl came to the SNES. It's that SNES echo/reverb that always bothered me.
# 5 Lex Tacoma @ 05/30/08 03:19 PM
Nice to hear you can use the directional pad. Wonder what could be the hidden unlockable contents?
# 6 slickdtc @ 05/30/08 06:35 PM
Let me give a big **** you to the NFL and EA for not allowing this game to have the real NFL and NFLPA licenses. Thanks a lot, dirtbags!

Despite that, I think a game like this, on this console, will succeed because it's not going out trying to compete with the big time Madden. With the DS, it's supposed to be fun and portable without all the glitz and glitter of hi-def, surround sound, and space age graphics.
# 7 dbeth @ 05/30/08 08:44 PM
I just REALLY hope that Tecmo doesn't have to rely on us "old farts" to buy this game. I mentioned it to some of my students today and they'd NEVER heard of it. Then I realized, most of them were born in 1991....and Tecmo Super Bowl came out in 1989. They had never heard of BO JACKSON!!! I had to find YouTube clips of his domination.

Hopefully, enough of us can get it and our kids to play it....I'm afraid those in the 16-24 year old bracket are going to pass right over it.

Me: I will be buying ASAP and heaving bombs and running over/throwing people all over the place. Online will be awesome with a decent friends list.
# 8 fistofrage @ 05/30/08 09:17 PM
I am looking forward to this more than NCAA 2009. I can't believe I am saying that, but this game should put the fun back into football gaming.
# 9 Cletus @ 05/30/08 09:30 PM
I got one question for all o' y'all. Who wants a piece of the Lewisville Fighting Farmers?
# 10 dbeth @ 05/31/08 09:29 AM
beware of my Baraboo Circus Clowns!!
# 11 bcruise @ 05/31/08 01:20 PM
Wow, I feel like I just hit a time warp after watching that.

It's baaaaaaaaaack.....unfortunately I won't be getting a DS or Wii in the near future.
# 12 Ruffy @ 05/31/08 02:11 PM
I smelll a bunch of OS leagues popping up for the DS and Wii for this one.

I'm definately picking this game up on my DS, a handheld football game with Wifi capability between friends and random online Multiplayer is way too sick to pass up.

What should be good that there will be enough of us 30 yr olds to get a great NFL league going for online play.....sure we'd have to write down our stats at games end and use our own websites to keep track of things but it will be soo good.

Definately can't wait for this one.

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