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Flip is done in Motown and I'm not really surprised. Sure, he got them to the ECF for three straight years, but just never got them over the hump. I feel the first 2 years, it was expected to get to the Finals, not so much this year, but still. I think it was time for a change, not sure Curry is the answer though, if they go that route. Dumars is saying there will be big changes, I wonder what he has in mind. Some blame has to be put on the players too though, I mean the coach can't put the ball in the basket.

What's up with you?
  • QOTD: Seen any good movies lately?
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# 1 callmetaternuts @ 06/04/08 06:52 AM
QOTD: Saw Indiana Jones IV (mixed reviews), Day After Tomorrow was on TV last night, same with Pirates of the Caribbean.
# 2 boomhauertjs @ 06/04/08 07:23 AM
QOTD: Haven't had time. The last thing I saw in the theater was Harold and Kumar 2.
# 3 SPTO @ 06/04/08 09:22 AM

This is taken from a thread on another message board

The Housekeeper's Daughter It's kinda hard to talk about the movie without spoiling it but needless to say lots of apparent situations to some characters aren't what they seem which gives the audience some huge laughs. Adolph Menjou as the hard drinking womanizing ace reporter was a hoot! Seriously this movie was non stop laughter from almost start to finish. My only complaints are that the lead (John Hubbard) was a bit weak and the ending was just a little TOO far fetched. I thought the whole fireworks fight dragged on too long.

A solid 4 out of 5 stars from me.

The movie is from 1939 just so you know.
# 4 Scott @ 06/04/08 09:25 AM
QOTD: Just Indy IV, but theres a bunch of movies that are coming to theaters that I'll be seeing.
# 5 Pete1210 @ 06/04/08 09:26 AM
QOTD: Last movie I saw was Iron Man.
# 6 CMH @ 06/04/08 10:39 AM
re: 100 Best Movie Posters.

How is "The Exorcist" not higher on that list. That poster is amazing.
# 7 Acid @ 06/04/08 10:57 AM
QOTD: I saw Iron Man last week, that was a sweet movie.
# 8 fishepa @ 06/04/08 10:58 AM
QOTD: Saw No Country for Old Men this week. Weird movie...
# 9 Coach Bryant @ 06/04/08 11:16 AM
QOTD: I watched Cloverfield this week, and enjoyed it. I think I have a crush on Lizzy Caplan now. Its a shame she had to die in the movie!
# 10 windseer90 @ 06/04/08 01:52 PM
QOTD: I saw The Mist last week and it was alright. The last really good movie I saw was Iron Man.
# 11 blinkfan77 @ 06/04/08 07:23 PM
I gotta be honest, even though it's new, I still think the Cloverfield poster should be up there. It's one of the most eerie, mysterious, anxious and overwhelming posters in a long time.
# 12 sbmnky @ 06/05/08 03:09 AM
late to the party...

QOTD: Redbelt (David Mamet) - I enjoyed it, but the ending was rushed.


Watch it again in 2 weeks - I think you'll enjoy it more.

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