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We have received the Press Release from 2K Sports.

"Tomorrow, 2K Sports will reveal the cover athlete for the highly anticipated basketball video game, NBA 2K9, in a 30 second TV spot scheduled to air during the NBA Countdown pre-game show for Game One of the 2008 NBA Finals, Boston Celtics vs. Los Angeles Lakers, June 5th at 8:30 pm ET on ABC."

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# 1 PaperLantern @ 06/04/08 12:09 PM
Paul Pierce, count on it.
# 2 Bad_Intentions @ 06/04/08 01:33 PM
Earl Boykins baby
# 3 ex carrabba fan @ 06/04/08 01:41 PM
Tomorrow is going to be .. NBA 2K9 and a 1-0 series lead for L.A

Is the 30 second spot going to have in game footage?
# 4 beauboy00 @ 06/04/08 01:42 PM
Originally Posted by Bad_Intentions
Earl Boykins baby
I could see that
# 5 Sausage @ 06/04/08 01:43 PM
I think it will be between Chris Paul, Kobe Bryant, Paul Pierce, or Lebron James (unless any of these guys are under contract by the other games).
# 6 boomhauertjs @ 06/04/08 01:50 PM
This guy
# 7 Kully @ 06/04/08 01:57 PM
Brandon Roy.
# 8 Stumbleweed @ 06/04/08 02:09 PM
Roy was actually my guess in the contest that they had... I think he'll get it because he's on THE up-and-coming team in the league (with Oden presumably back), he's personable, and he's kind of a low-tier superstar like Chris Paul was last year. They wanted to choose someone who isn't one of the "faces" of the NBA and it really paid off because Paul turned into one of those guys before our eyes this season.

But yeah, Roy has a great all-around game that is fun to watch and he will probably make another jump in production this year if he stays healthy. As a Nuggets fan, I'm scared of not making the playoffs due to these guys... that core of Roy, LaMarcus Aldridge, and Oden is downright scary.. add Outlaw, Webster, and whoever they undoubtedly pick up this summer with all that cap room and I'm officially on notice.
# 9 LanteriX @ 06/04/08 02:12 PM
Kevin Garnett
# 10 fatboy @ 06/04/08 03:27 PM
Dwighht Howard no doubt.....
# 11 Stumbleweed @ 06/04/08 03:30 PM
Uhh, he's already endorsing NBA Ballas or whatever... it won't be Dwight, Kobe, Amare (I think he's still with Sony), or Gil (assuming he's still with EA).
# 12 jewelz1132 @ 06/04/08 03:43 PM
if its garnett..the nba is fake...how 2K know to show it during the finals lol..i got my fingers crossed for iguodala tho
# 13 youvalss @ 06/04/08 04:30 PM
Danny Ferry or Mike Gminski - for sure!
# 14 dragonsruleme @ 06/04/08 05:27 PM
My moneys on Iguodala.
# 15 Goffs @ 06/04/08 07:16 PM
Originally Posted by fatboy
Dwighht Howard no doubt.....
id like to see that
# 16 B-Wills @ 06/04/08 07:34 PM
# 17 Altimus @ 06/04/08 08:49 PM
My money is on Brandon Roy.
# 18 bateman11 @ 06/04/08 09:15 PM
My moneys on TROGDOR
ha jk.

TBH, I would love to see Deron on the cover.
# 19 DJNOC @ 06/05/08 01:28 AM
Deron Williams, KG or Brandon Roy are my picks.
# 20 8and9 @ 06/05/08 06:48 AM
Originally Posted by Sausage
I think it will be between Chris Paul, Kobe Bryant, Paul Pierce, or Lebron James (unless any of these guys are under contract by the other games).

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