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CVG has posted a articled called FIFA 09: "50,000 Different Combinations of Tactics".

"n case you're not up to speed, the system works with a series of sliders "incorporating key parts of the team dynamic - aggression, mentality, positioning, etc". You can even assign four of your own custom plans to the D-pad and switch them mid-match."

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# 1 demencia_total @ 06/05/08 11:25 PM
Sounds VERY interesting, my only worry is how the AI implements this against the human opponents. Hopefully there is some logic to it and it doesn't become just a matter of "a goal down, must get goal at all cost" thing where there is no way to stop them. But aside from several reservations, very promising.
# 2 Peter_OS @ 06/06/08 05:03 AM
This is my concern as well. How well the AI implements these tactics. I'm not huge on the online play myself, and rely more on the single player experience. Pro Evolution Soccer has spoiled me over the years... Can Fifa do the same starting this year?? We shall see.
# 3 Jgainsey @ 06/06/08 02:30 PM
Didn't they say something like this last year? Something along the line of each player taking hundreds or even thousands of factors into their decision making. They can throw a number like 50,000 at us but I doubt we're going to see a HUGE difference from 08 or Euro. We'll see though... I've liked the direction fifa has been headed in the last few years.
# 4 demencia_total @ 06/07/08 11:26 AM
Yep, they did. Apparently they are including some type of sliders now, which might be a first for a football game (that I can remember), although it doesn't appear to be global game play sliders, which I frankly believe that the football titles are sorely lacking. Still, I have the same concern as you guys that this is just another marketing ploy and that the game play tactics and Manager Mode will remain as bland as it was before. There was absolutely no logic to how the other teams behaved in terms of tactics, substituting patterns, change of lineup because of injuries and fatigue and no real logic into the transfer market.

I'm aware that they are talking about strategies on the pitch, but they need to also consider the decisions in Manager Mode because these ARE part of the strategy of football, mixing and matching lineups and saving players for important matches when fatigue and injuries hit hard. Frankly, it was pretty damn awful. Teams that had no financial means to bid for top talent ended up offering 60 million euros and up for top players, while the richest clubs in the world remained the same after 5 plus seasons. It's absolutely ridiculous, and I will sorely be disappointed if this doesn't change for 09, more so than on the field tactic changes. I like what they are saying with all of this and I'm glad to see some type of sliders, but I'll remain skeptical until I see it in action, even if it does sound promising.
# 5 Vince @ 06/07/08 11:52 AM
I hate global gameplay sliders, simply because it makes people so anal and picky.

I love popping a game in and just playing, not having to worry about clicks and all that jazz.
# 6 demencia_total @ 06/07/08 08:48 PM
A lot of people go overboard with the slider editing and "refining", and ideally the game is great out of the box, but there's always something thats unbalanced here and there. So why not give the option? People still have the option to just play the game as it came out of the box and online sliders aren't even an option so its all good for everyone. But yeah, this isn't a must for me to have in the game to make it fully enjoyable as long as they drastically improve Manager Mode, that's the key for me.
# 7 JRod @ 06/07/08 11:26 PM
Let's get one thing straight here...there are no sliders for gameplay in this game.

It sounds like it's just for tactics. Which sounds like it shouldn't even be called slider but how you want to play.

I think some of you need to re-read the article. There are no gameplay sliders.

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