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Tonight we are happy to announce that one of the Internet's leading sports text-sim websites, Front Office Football Central (FOFC) has joined our network.

For close to 10 years FOFC has been the home for Front Office Football community discussion. In recent years they have also branched out to cover a wide array of text-sim based games including the popular Out Of The Park baseball series.

On top of a vibrant independent forum in FOFC we also gain a new staff member. FOFC Webmaster, Ben Lewis, joins our team as Senior Text-Sim Editor. Ben will be working closely with Tim Martin, Carlos Hernandez and our other text-sim crazy staff writers to expand our text-sim coverage across OS.

We asked Ben to say a few words...

"I'm thrilled to be joining forces with Operation Sports. First off, many thanks to Matt Holme and Steve Noah and the rest of the OS team for bringing us into the fold at OS. And also many thanks to Jim Gindin, who has been the solo developer of the Front Office Football series for over 10 years, and without whom FOFC would have never gotten off the ground many moons ago. Although the roots of FOFC are in the FOF series, the forum has grown over the years into the largest and most active independent gaming forum on the internet in which text sims are discussed more than any other genre. Add to that the fact that OS has reviewed more text-based sports simulations than any site around, and this seems like a marriage made in heaven. I look forward to working with the OS Staff and interacting with the entire OS community in helping shine more light on the text sim genre as a whole.

The text-based sports sim genre isn't a massive one, but it appears to be gaining in popularity as more and more gamers are desiring a deeper and more strategic challenge, and I'm happy to come on board with a forum filled with many years of combined experience and a good bit of interaction with text sim developers. I know of no text sim developer who hasn't posted at FOFC at some point, and most of them are at least semi-regulars. There's also a wealth of strategic knowledge among the active membership at FOFC, so don't feel shy to register at the forum, pop in, and ask any question you'd like about any specific text sim, or just the genre in general.

Again, I'm looking forward to interacting with all of you, and am very glad that I've been given the opportunity."

You can find permanent links to Front Office Football Central in our left menu and top nav bar.

Member Comments
# 1 ty5oke @ 06/06/08 03:11 AM
Congrats to both FOFC and OS, this will add even more depth to this wonderful site, Best Web Site on the Web, at least for me.
# 2 Ben E Lou @ 06/06/08 06:08 AM
I'm pumped!

# 3 eaglesfan27 @ 06/06/08 09:10 AM
I'm also excited by this move. I've been a member of both sites for a few years now and they are my 2 favorite sites on the web.
# 4 Dark Cloud @ 06/06/08 10:01 AM
# 5 purple cowboy @ 06/06/08 10:20 AM
Great stuff; it's the reason I joined the site (which looks teriffic, btw).
# 6 CMH @ 06/06/08 11:50 AM
Very excited for this addition to the OS family. Great news.
# 7 MizzouRah @ 06/06/08 01:41 PM
Lots of sports gaming.. all in one cozy place!
# 8 GenoAndo @ 06/06/08 02:52 PM
wow, i didn't know about this site. looks great and i'm looking forward to it!
# 9 Kodos @ 06/06/08 03:19 PM
I hear those weirdos are obsessed with trout, collosal squids, and Maximum Football.
# 10 MizzouRah @ 06/06/08 09:44 PM
Originally Posted by Kodos
I hear those weirdos are obsessed with trout, collosal squids, and Maximum Football.
what better max football or tom landry football?
# 11 MMChrisS @ 06/07/08 10:37 AM
I was an active member at FOFC before I started my own NCAA Football website. Thus, I am very happy to see them join us here at Operation Sports
# 12 bronco92 @ 06/07/08 07:12 PM
Welcome guys. Great to have you on board. Exciting times lay ahead
# 13 Ben E Lou @ 06/08/08 07:30 AM
I'm further happy to announce that a new feature at FOFC is being made possible by this move--a feature that may well interest the larger OS community as well.

Front Office Football developer Jim Gindin has initiated a section in the forums where he will be asking for input from the OS staff and from the gaming community in general regarding certain aspects of developing his games.

Go here to read all about it.

The first topic has been submitted to the OS Staff for their feedback, and expect it to be posted in the next few days.

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