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# 1 Scott @ 06/06/08 06:06 AM
Happy Birthday Fairdale_Kings

QOTD: Working a yard sale and going to the Rangers game on Sunday.
# 2 callmetaternuts @ 06/06/08 06:57 AM
QOTD: Some shopping (meh), wedding stuff (last weekend before its here) and resting up, a bit under the weather
# 3 boomhauertjs @ 06/06/08 07:27 AM
Gonna get to 2000 posts today!

QOTD: My wife's mom, aunt, and a couple of her cousins are coming to visit for "Mom's Weekend". It's a tradition that started at Ohio University (where her sister and cousins went). Basically, it involves a bunch of drinking and goofing around. This is my first Mom's Weekend, but I've been around her family enough to know what to expect. Going out to the bars near our house tonight and tomorrow night and doing a cookout at a park on Saturday. There will also be some late night Rock Band sessions (which is probably what I am most looking forward to!)
On Saturday I also have to go to a pool party that one of the parents is having for the basketball team that I coached. Luckily, the cookout will be my excuse to leave early as hanging out with a bunch of junior high kids is not my idea of a good time. It will be nice to see the kids one more time, especially the 8th graders who will be moving on to high school.
# 4 TJdaSportsGuy @ 06/06/08 07:30 AM
Originally Posted by Steve_OS
I implore everyone to give this article a read. What a fantastic way to capsulize the old arcade industry and how it's died out with the advent of inexpensive (relatively) home consoles. It's so sad that something that used to be so big in the fabric of our country is almost completely gone.

We had an arcade in the mall we used to hang out in as kids. NBA Jam, Street Fighter II, Mortal Kombat...sheesh. If I could have all the quarters I spent on those three games alone, I could probably buy myself a Porsche.

But this article goes even further back than that...to the days of Pole Position, Pac-Man, and Donkey Kong. For anyone who also grew up playing those games, trust me. You NEED to read that article.

Great find, Steve.

What's up?

Still busy with packing up the apartment. Our closing date on the new house is June 24th. My wife and I are SO excited! This will be our first home purchase and it was so great being able to pick everything out for the house, and now seeing it come to life as they continue to build it.

I went by the house on Tuesday to take a look and they finished putting our hardwood floors down. They look friggin' awesome. Here's a picture of them working on the floors, taken Monday. This is the living room:

So anyway, yeah. The house is pretty much done being built. Now we wait until the 24th to close.


More packing, lol. We have a bunch of crap still to put in boxes.
# 5 SoMiss2000 @ 06/06/08 09:20 AM
i'm hanging with family this weekend. I caught a short flight from Dallas to San Antonio yesterday morning (the ticket was cheaper than driving due to gas prices). I'll be here through Sunday morning. It will be the first time my mom has had all her sons in the same place at the same time in a minute. Enjoy your weekends, i will!
# 6 SPTO @ 06/06/08 09:33 AM
Just a follow up on TJ's memories about the arcade days. I used to go to the pool hall my father frequented. They had like 5 or 6 arcade games there and I used to play the games while my father was shooting pool with his friends.


Anywho, not too sure what i'm doing this weekend. I'll probably be soaking up the rays as it's supposed to be a real hot weekend.
# 7 Jerbear @ 06/06/08 11:31 AM
QOTD: Let's see, this weekend I will be putting in our air conditioner, reassembling the patio swing for the deck because I'm fed up of hearing about it. Watching the opeing weekend of Euro 2008 with my dad. All this while looking after my 16 month old son while my wife works all weekend. Oh and swimming lessons on Sunday afternoon with my son as well.

I just laugh at people who say TGIF (thank god it's Friday). I say to them, you obviously don't have any children. The weekends mean absolutely nothing to me anymore. I haven't slept in for like 3 years. When you have kids to look after it's a 7 day work week. But I wouldn't change it for the world.
# 8 Jerbear @ 06/06/08 11:36 AM
Just a follow up on TJ's mention of classic arcade games, I remember a great hockey game I used to play back in the day. It was called Hit The Ice. There were only 3 players per side. A forward, a defenceman and the goalie.

Here is the link to the game courtesy of wiki:

# 9 Marino @ 06/06/08 11:47 AM
QOTD:Well right now im watching the nc state baseball game then i work today. i have a friend coming to visit me tomorrow then sunday i work

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