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"He also emphasised the team's commitment to making the car damage as realistic as possible. But what about the handling? Codies has turned the Colin McRae and Toca franchises, previously known for their hardcore realism, into more arcadey experiences for the mass market.

Cousens says the F1 game will do both. "We want to be able to offer both things within the game, - simulation for the hardcore gamers, but also an arcade experience that you can truly pick up and play. I believe we've balanced that in Grid and I believe we're going to balance it in Formula One."

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# 1 TCrouch @ 06/09/08 10:11 AM
So the answer is no...Grid is definitely not "balanced". It's arcade all the way, with some cool damage modeling that can be passed off as "sim", but even that is far too generous.

That's unfortunate that they think that that's balanced. To be clear, I absolutely LOVE Grid. Love it. But I had to get past the fact that it's not TOCA3, and not a sim to see it for what it is, and really enjoy it. Balanced, it's not.
# 2 catcatch22 @ 06/10/08 05:29 PM
I downloaded the GRID demo and man was I dissapointed, it's so towards te Ridge Racer mold that I couldn't even stand to play it. Too bad cause the rest of the game visually in terms of style was excellent.

GRID is like all the music videos and movies that have all those cool action style cut scenes and stuff that have that great sportscenter highlite clip or something. However underneath their lacks a plot and whole game to fulfill those who wanted something a bit more on the egde of sim racing like some of the top PC GT racing games.

I was waiting for an F1 game to play since Ralph Hummerichs (SP?) mods for the EA's F1 challenge 99-02 and looks like this one won't be it.
# 3 Kruza @ 06/11/08 01:24 PM
I think the arcade-sim balance in GRID is tilted mainly because of the over-the-top crashes and lack of subtle left-right or right-left weight transference due to the sticky tire grip and ultra-responsive steering. But a created F1 game can mostly neutralize the lateral weight tranference issue that plagues GRID because of the quality tires and ungodly stiff suspension that F1 cars possess.

Granted, some things will certainly have to be tweaked in regards to the handling. But with that said, there is actually a good foundation to start from with the handling in GRID. As it is now, it's too easy to maintain control of the car whenever steering into a corner while braking. Plus an F1 car shouldn't be able to turn on a non-tarmac/concrete surface to immediately get back onto a track after going off of it at a high speed.

# 4 Chibi @ 06/11/08 07:39 PM
I like GRID. It's a fun game, if not what I wanted out of a TOCA 3 followup.

But this news is awful. The only bright side I can even begin to think of is that the F3 cars in GRID probably feel better than any of the other cars in the game, for whatever that's worth.
# 5 Kruza @ 06/12/08 09:10 AM
I don't know, man. While they're spectacular machines, racing in open wheel F1 cars and Indy cars often tend to bore me... and don't get me started on stock cars. I rather race in high performance rear-wheel drive GT cars and light, high-powered aftermarket tuned cars, where I can choose or not choose to kick the rear end out and drift at will around corners. These cars feel better to me and are frankly more exciting to drive. Although you really can't drift in them, racing in Le Mans prototype cars is a lot of fun too. But without a doubt the most frustrating cars to drive are the old American muscle cars. They have so much power, yet a driver is barely able to open up the throttle racing with them, and they're not the most nimble of the bunch. So much throttle management and brake management is needed along with overly cautious steering.


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