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IGN has posted the following NCAA Football 09 updates:
  • NCAA Football 09 Hands On

    "NCAA Football 09 is what we consider to be a morphing of last year's Madden engine. EA has talked about how the engine has been built from the ground up for Wii, but also retains aspects from the Madden SKU, so we basically consider it to be a re-tuned Madden 08 engine, with definite gameplay changes."
  • NCAA Football 09 Screenshots

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Member Comments
# 1 wafflehouse48 @ 06/12/08 01:43 AM
I would love for Madden and NCAA to be on the same page for Next Gen consoles.
# 2 ODogg @ 06/12/08 01:00 PM
Wow, looks terrible. Maybe it might be better in action though.
# 3 mgoblue13 @ 06/12/08 07:17 PM
thats what you get for buying a wii instead of a 360 or ps3
# 4 auburntigersfan @ 06/12/08 08:17 PM
gameplay looks alright
# 5 goheat @ 06/13/08 09:31 AM
Originally Posted by mgoblue13
thats what you get for buying a wii instead of a 360 or ps3
OK, Troll.
# 6 Rivals @ 06/13/08 01:00 PM
The Wii looks like a great avenue for EA to exercise any fascination it has with childish, arcade-like features not welcome in the full version of NCAA Football.
# 7 deaconspirit @ 06/13/08 03:30 PM
wow that looks like trash
# 8 mgoblue13 @ 06/16/08 09:59 PM
Originally Posted by goheat
OK, Troll.
# 9 Krebstar @ 06/16/08 10:12 PM
Originally Posted by mgoblue13

Wikipedia is your friend.
# 10 newper77 @ 06/16/08 10:16 PM
I think EA is serving the core Wii gamer here -- typically younger children who want an "arcadey" experience. I have no problem with them wanting to branch out to other markets. I would be more likely to play this with my 8 year old than trying to teach him the nuances of the XBox360 or PS3.

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