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w00t! Were are back online, what a disaster. Seems the service provider was at fault here.

So... Nat helped me with my motorcycle last night. Yeah, she helped w/ the flashlight and well, telling me I was actually turning a stripped bolt. LOL. After stripping the piss out of an alan wrench and bolt on the bike, we went to Lowes to grab a dremel tool. As we returned, we fiddled with the dremel and the bolt for quite some time and I was pretty much set to call it a night, then she screams out, "I saw it turn daddy!". Most won't understand this, I suppose, but when she said I turned it, I was shocked, because I never told her what I was trying to do, she just knew and I didn't think I budged the thing, but after she said I turned it, I went back at it and got it out. We were both sweating as it was pretty muggy last night, but it was also pretty damn cool. Maybe she'll be a mechanic when she grows up.

Looking forward to the C's and Lakers game tonight, I think the Lakers will get the fix, I mean win to even it up.

What's up with you?
  • QOTD: What is your current favorite non-sports game?
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# 1 SPTO @ 06/12/08 11:31 AM
That's a neat story about you and Nat there Steve. Me thinks you should have her help you with all mechanic and appliance jobs then when you're too old you can call her over to fix things for you

QOTD: I rented Lego Indiana Jones what a damn fine game! I don't usually have favorite non sports games. I just play the ones that interest me the most.
# 2 Scott @ 06/12/08 11:34 AM
Awesome story between you and Nat, Steve...I'm glad Firefox 3 will be out soon too

# 3 boomhauertjs @ 06/12/08 12:22 PM
Started watching my wife's Twin Peaks DVDs last night. Weird show, but I'm intrigued. Now I just have to avoid finding out who killed Laura Palmer.

# 4 Pete1210 @ 06/12/08 01:05 PM
# 5 yamabushi @ 06/12/08 01:55 PM
QOTD: um..............Ikaragu
# 6 Brandwin @ 06/12/08 02:02 PM
Good story man. How old is your daughter again?

COD 4 is my favorite non sports game.
# 7 callmetaternuts @ 06/12/08 02:11 PM
QOTD: GTA IV most likely...
# 8 Steve_OS @ 06/12/08 04:24 PM
Originally Posted by stewaat
Hey Steve maybe one day you can have guys writing lyrics like this about your daughter:

Came to get an oil-change for my girlfriends car
But by the time I left I was short of breath and brokenhearted (there she was)
There she was, bent over a motor,
Dirty cap with a pony tail that sat between her shoulders (beautiful)
With an oil streak that must have kissed your cheekbone
Thick and volumtuous I wish that we could be alone (I would love to)
I would love to, touch you, rub you,
See whats covered up under that greasy blue jumpsuit (come on)
Standin there holding that drippin dipstick,
With a firm grip, yet so delicate
And the way you took that orange oil rag and wiped it clean
Its guaranteed to get repeated in my dreams
You make me wild feels like puppy love
Got so lost in your smile when you asked me what the mileage was
And if I ever leaned how to change my own oil
Promise you this customer is gonna remain so loyal (dirty girl)

Don't ban me

QOTD: There are non-sports video games?
Hey now!
# 9 Steve_OS @ 06/12/08 04:24 PM
Originally Posted by DookieMowf
Good story man. How old is your daughter again?

COD 4 is my favorite non sports game.
6 bro.
# 10 Behindshadows @ 06/12/08 06:35 PM
QOTD - Ninja Gaiden II

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