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EA Sports has sent us our beta copy of Madden NFL 09. I'm not allowed to post screenshots of gameplay until they give me the go ahead, but for now I'll be posting rosters and ratings from all 32 NFL teams, including end of season stats from key positions. Today it's all about the Washington Redskins.

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# 1 N51_rob @ 06/16/08 05:34 AM
Thanks Steve!
# 2 trazzy88 @ 06/16/08 07:22 AM
You already did my Cowboys Raiders next please
# 3 Fu Man Ching @ 06/16/08 08:47 AM
thanks Steve. Glad to see J Cambell jump in the ratings a couple of points. Now why does Portis keep dropping? Last year a 95 then 93 . Now 91. He is the most under rated rb in the league right now.
# 4 ausar72 @ 06/16/08 09:18 AM

Thanks Steve!

Checking it out now...
# 5 N51_rob @ 06/16/08 10:21 AM
Steve, have you seen any of the "elite" backs come close to averaging 90+ ypg. Specifically LT and AP. So far it looks like the RB are getting about the same yards that they got last year which is good. Although Addai's average of 54.5 was lower than the 71.5 he averaged last year. But I think that the running backs are getting realistic carries and realistic yards.

TD's seem a little low though...
# 6 michapop9 @ 06/16/08 10:45 AM
the completion percentages are still way too high for everyone, if they could be lowered a few percentage points for most of the qb's the stat sims would be dead on! might seem a little nit picky but they are that close to doing something right on for once!
# 7 jdr4693 @ 06/16/08 12:03 PM
Malcolm Kelly will fry in this game, hope he can make the high jump catches like he did in college!!
# 8 Bat @ 06/16/08 12:23 PM
Seahawks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!! Please
# 9 trick02 @ 06/16/08 12:58 PM
49ers so willis can light up the league while Smith throws 1 TD
# 10 texbuk84 @ 06/16/08 03:02 PM
thanks steve for all my washington boys. rip 21 you'll always be missed
# 11 TennesseeVols16 @ 06/16/08 08:01 PM
Titans or Dolphins
# 12 12thManAdvantage @ 06/16/08 11:06 PM

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