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E3 isn't for another month, but that doesn't mean the major game companies haven't been planning their big unveils for the event. Of course with planning comes marketing, and that's where Intellisponse comes in. Intellisponse is a marketing research company which had sensitive E3 information, which has now been leaked after some pesky Internet operatives found a way to snag the information off the site.

While a ton of information was uncovered, the sports-related reveals deal with Forza 3 and Tony Hawk's Adrenaline.

The fact that Forza 3 exists is not surprising, but what is surprising is that the game is going to have so much content (over 400 cars, 100 tracks) it will be released on two discs.

Tony Hawk's Adrenaline on the other hand won't be released on two discs, but will be released with a peripheral. The fact that the series is taking a year off and recently Activision Publishing CEO Mike Griffith said the company is, "reinventing Tony Hawk from the ground up," certainly makes this seem logical -- especially when you factor in Activision's love for releasing version after version of Guitar Hero. Right now Adrenaline is listed at $60 for the PS3 and 360 (surprising to me since Guitar Hero costs more) and will be $50 for the PC.

I love the Internet.

Thanks, NeoGAF

*Editor's note* Let me just end this by saying, while this all looks to be true, unless Microsoft or third parties come out and make it official it's still technically a rumor. Plus, there's no guarantee that these products are finalized, and therefore could conceivably just be concepts. After all, this is just a research company, not the actual marketing company.

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# 1 bkfount @ 06/17/08 02:26 AM
well forza 2 had over 300 cars on the disk, plus more through DLC. So that's not odd. However, there was like 15 tracks total, with a bunch of ribbons. So I'm guessing the 100 tracks is just fuzzy PR math meant for a bullet point.

If this is legit info, unlike the leaked spring update feature list, the interesting thing about 2 disks is if one is for install data. There's no doubt in my mind that the 360 will run up on the ps3 type HDD installs eventually. I just don't know if MS would announce it as loudly as this. Like, "Hey, we're running out of DVD space already, and while we wish we had the bluray space, we'll just throw it on 2 disks or install it to your HDD. 400 cars, 100 tracks!!!"
# 2 auburntigersfan @ 06/19/08 09:55 AM
I can't wait for forza 3, 2 discs, how does that work?

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