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Pasta Padre has posted some early details for NBA Live 09.

"So now that much of the information around NBA Live 09 is free to be discussed, some of it is making its way out thanks to producer discussion on the official forum. It’s disappointing to hear there won’t be a Superstar mode, though the “ground-breaking feature” is still to be announced. That takes me back to Online Team Play as the most anticipated aspect assuming they made some of the improvements that have been suggested for it."

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# 1 bateman11 @ 06/17/08 10:31 AM
A question asked on the live message board. will we see a “Create-a-Team” mode this year with a good in-depth “Create-a-Uniform/Jersey” piece?

i graduated High School last year but have been dying to create my HS team for years with a detailed uniform creator!

The answer from the developer - I’d love to tell you, but I can’t. Sorry. It’ll be announced in exactly a month.
Could the new feature be some sort of expansion team mode.
Took that from the site.

Personally, I would love this feature.
# 2 Hassan Darkside @ 06/17/08 11:16 AM
The amount of time they said they spent capturing new animations sounds promising. And I like what I hear about the new dunk system. That's one thing that NBA 2k does beautifully, capture dunks. It actually feels like I'm throwing them down and no matter how many times I see them, I'll still cringe at some of them.

Hopefully all the new animations will really tighten the fluidity of the game up. NBA Live is just a few steps away from me buying it again.
# 3 Mintsa @ 06/17/08 11:32 AM
I think the ground breaking feature is going to be leagues for online team play. That would actually be pretty sick....if done correctly. It would bring online leagues and stuff to a whole new level because you would actually have 5 human players per team instead of 1.
# 4 Stumbleweed @ 06/17/08 12:55 PM
Coordinating that would be an absolute nightmare. It's hard enough to get a 30-team league to finish when it's just 2 people involved in each game... it would be nearly impossible to finish a league with that format. That would be really cool, but if they're banking on that as the big feature, I'll be disappointed because in practice it will barely get used because of the logistics of getting 10 people together for a single game..
# 5 bigeastbumrush @ 06/17/08 07:15 PM
. We’ll give you one option to choose from 8 plays by bringing up our Signature Play Calling menu via the Left Bumper
THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

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