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IGN has posted their PS2 preview of NCAA Football 09, including some video clips right here.

"There are other subtle tweaks that have been made to the title, particularly within the Dynasty mode, where players will be able to prepare for upcoming match-ups by adding crowd noise and practicing against opponent's playbooks. You'll work on ten specialized plays (five running and five passing plays), and your success at these plays will provide advantages that will overcome home field advantages or crowd noise. Failure, on the other hand, will heighten these effects. NCAA Football 09 also features new combo moves that allow players to make smoother cuts, jukes and spins to make defenders miss your ball carriers. By chaining these moves together, you can get into the open field and easily score. Will the new approach to college ball win over fans? Will Greg Miller's Tigers roar over the National Championship game? Will Capitol One need to get new mascots? We'll see on July 15th when NCAA Football is released. For a sneak peek, check out the videos below."

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NCAA Football 09 Videos
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# 1 auburntigersfan @ 06/19/08 04:16 PM
I wish we had those features .
# 2 Flightwhite24 @ 06/19/08 09:16 PM
Never seen this before PS3 version LSU on 2 yard line called playaction faked the handoff to the halfback who dive over the pile. I was totally fooled and he hit the WR in the corner. This game is finally where it should be from what I can say. Peace!!!!
# 3 cwamback1218 @ 06/24/08 01:22 AM
that was in last years game
# 4 OMT @ 06/24/08 02:39 AM
Originally Posted by auburntigersfan
I wish we had those features .
Family play? Mascot challenge?

Oh btw... we recorded specific Lee Corso commentary for mascot challenge. We gave him specific emotions and he would give out a "Yo" that would correspond. Happy, excited, worried, condescending, upset, disappointed, scary, etc.

A few of us have set the email sound from our managers to the "Scary Yo." lol
# 5 powerful @ 06/24/08 03:40 PM
It looks like I might have to stick with the PS2 version of the game. The current Gen version appears to be have a deeper engine along with the little things that make the fans of the title happy. EA seems to be spending a lot of resources on current gen to the point where it still does not make much sense to switch over yet. I hope this is the final year for the titles to be produced for current Gen. I am tired of the excuse that they have yet to figure out the capabilities of the next gen systems... its gettin old... this is the third title in which next gen has existed and yet, Next Gen has yet to catch up with current gen. Please EA, focus on making the game better instead of bolstering about old features that were removed and brought back. I think its time you have learned to utilize the full capabilities of the new systems... and if you cant, lets get some new people in those seats who can figure out how to get the job done!
# 6 ODogg @ 06/24/08 07:16 PM
PS2 NCAA? How retro!

# 7 ascgrizz2010 @ 06/24/08 09:56 PM
does anyone know who the QB for Michigan will be in the game? I hope it's not Ryan Mallet seeing as how he left us lol.
# 8 ODogg @ 06/24/08 10:06 PM
Originally Posted by ascgrizz2010
does anyone know who the QB for Michigan will be in the game? I hope it's not Ryan Mallet seeing as how he left us lol.
No idea, all I do know is it's not Mallet as I already found that out.
# 9 BSherrod @ 06/24/08 11:28 PM
I can't wait to play this and the 360 version. Any news about the discipline and defensive angle bugs? If they fixed those two then EA might get close to $300 out of me this year.

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