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EA are clearly focusing on improving the overall presentation of Madden this year. One area that has spawned a lot of positive feedback is the pre-game introductions that feature outside shots of the stadium. We've taken advantage of our Beta build and uploaded screenshots of all 32 Stadiums.

So instead of focusing on a particular team today we instead present you with screenshots of all 32 NFL stadiums from Madden 09.

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# 1 HealyMonster @ 06/19/08 11:44 PM
only gripes I have are : Giant steve McNair Photo on front of LP Field, I mean this is new so its not like they ported this from 4 years ago or something so thats uncalled for. And the only other thing is how they used the template. I mean even the 4 birds in the top left are at every stadium so while each stadium looks different the environments are all the same.

Other than that, its new, its cool, better than what we had so I'll take it.

Steve Mcnair? really guys? come on your better than that.
# 2 Scott @ 06/20/08 12:12 AM
Good looking pics, wish the new Cowboys stadium was in there.
# 3 Crawi @ 06/20/08 12:42 AM
It's cool, but not needed or anything. I noticed immediately the same crazy fans were driving their vehicles in front of every stadium when the pics were taken! They must work for EA or something.
# 4 Marino @ 06/20/08 12:55 AM
it looks good but i think the Carolina stadium is inaccurate because their are no parking lots outside of the stadium...normally in downtown Charlotte you have to park in parking lots further down the street like on tryon and trade roads which is really a pain because charlotte is often times busy.
# 5 RobtAndProud @ 06/20/08 01:09 AM
Um since when did the area around the cowboys stadium look like that.
# 6 xtoddx @ 06/20/08 01:35 AM
I think the front part of the stadium with the lot is the same for each stadium. And by think, I mean I can see it, they're all the same.
# 7 DubTrey1 @ 06/20/08 02:03 AM
All of them look good - Not complaining at any effort to up the presentation. However, what is with the freeway in front of every stadium? I have been to a few of these and know there is not a freeway in front of them. Also, seems as though the artists got mixed up in Phoenix and Houston's skylines - Houston is right, but Phoenix is the same as ours for some reason, I saw the Texaco builiding in Phoenix and was like what? They will probably fix that before release...
# 8 Behindshadows @ 06/20/08 02:15 AM
Cowboys stadium is all wrong! I stay 10 minutes from it and have season tickets every year! That stadium has never ever looked like that!


# 9 Max Power @ 06/20/08 08:15 AM
Soldier Field looks pretty accurate at a glance, but it is definitely not correctly positioned relative to the Sears Tower.
# 10 soxfan2525 @ 06/20/08 08:32 AM
While these may not be perfect, (the freeways and parking lots and such are a little repetitive) It is definitly a step in the right direction. I think, especially comapred to last year, that this intro will do wonders for the overall atmosphere and pregame, It would be the perfect broadcast set up to lead into some crowd shots or shots of the star players. It really sets the tone tho, for an nfl game, with all of the fans and gigantic beautiful stadiums. Look how it shows off the weather and night games as well, i think if they continue to build off of this its a step in the right direction.
# 11 dantethayer @ 06/20/08 08:33 AM
dam the stadiums looks awesome.
# 12 RynoAid @ 06/20/08 08:45 AM
yea.. they messed up the dome portion of Texas Stadium really bad.. it needed to be much higher pitched, not nearly as flat... oh well... here's to Jerry World being in next years game.
# 13 djordan @ 06/20/08 10:00 AM
LOL @ The Rocky steps at the Philadelphia Eagles stadium.
# 14 BezO @ 06/20/08 10:15 AM
Originally Posted by jeetaa6
First, the stadium shots look very good. They are graphically well done.

Having said that, personally, they don't do much for me. A quick shot of the stadium before the game? That's alot of resources (I'm assuming) that EA put into something that doesn't seem like too big a deal.
This is where I am. Yeah, it's cool to see, but stuff like this shouldn't be in before things inside the stadium are settled. Maybe whoever worked on this could've been working on better/more cut scenes of the sidelines... coach/QB talking after a pic, coach/OL talking after a sack on 3rd down, coach & DBs talking after a TD pass... a coin toss, team entrances, pre-game stretching, post-game interview/show, pre-game show, half-time show, ect.
# 15 sportsdude @ 06/20/08 10:52 AM
would've been cool to see the shots of the stadiums. unfortunately, every time I clicked one virtually the entire thing was blocked by a Mass Effect ad. Sweet.
# 16 Kevin26385 @ 06/20/08 11:43 AM
Originally Posted by Max Power
Soldier Field looks pretty accurate at a glance, but it is definitely not correctly positioned relative to the Sears Tower.
Thats why I wont complain..Because we will only see it for 5 seconds.

But they are missing the loading dock, there arent trees, the turnstyle, the ticket booth.
# 17 Behindshadows @ 06/20/08 11:55 AM
Well I thought about it and whats important is the inside of the stadiums and how authentic will they be. Don't really worry about the outside!
# 18 murphs @ 06/20/08 12:33 PM
Let's say you're playing on a snowy day...will it be snowing in the stadium fly-by?? If not, than this feature is worthless. Anyone know the answer?
# 19 Crawi @ 06/20/08 01:19 PM
Originally Posted by murphs
Let's say you're playing on a snowy day...will it be snowing in the stadium fly-by?? If not, than this feature is worthless. Anyone know the answer?
Yeah, there is a pic around here somewhere of a stadium with snow I think. I think it was GB.
# 20 Ronnie brown23 @ 06/20/08 01:53 PM
I guess Ea didnt get to add the new club level section on dolphin stadium.

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