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Gamepro has posted an article entitled, The ten weirdest sports games ever.

"Mutants playing hockey? Leather fetishists on the links? These crazy games are the anti-Madden.

There's nothing that draws the ire of hardcore gamers more than sports games. The same slate of games, year in, year out offering little but roster updates and a realistic experience of running around with a ball or a stick. Thankfully, a few oddball developers have created some pretty unique sports games that think out of the (batters) box."

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# 1 ralphsundin @ 06/20/08 07:20 PM
Those Mutant League games are classic.
# 2 redskinrussell @ 06/21/08 12:01 AM
Bill Laimbeers Basketball was one of my favorite games when I first got my SNES, it was like $10 at Funcoland
# 3 Lordcledus @ 06/21/08 08:52 AM
I used to play Skate or Die until I had blisters on my fingers. Kind of surprised Archrivals wasn't on the list.
# 4 redskinrussell @ 06/21/08 09:20 AM
My favorite weird sports game was Klash Ball for the NES.
# 5 areobee401 @ 06/22/08 07:39 PM
BL Basketball , Skate Or Die and Mutant League Football/Hockey recieved lots of play back in the day. Kind of wish more games like this get made in the current gen.
# 6 bvb24 @ 06/30/08 05:06 PM
I loved Basewars for NES. (Robot baseball game) and Gerry Glanville footbrawl for Sega Genesis.
# 7 auburntigersfan @ 07/06/08 01:57 AM
Proud to say I have never played any of those games.
# 8 cam9219 @ 07/06/08 11:05 AM
I think I remember playing mutant hockey, and I think I liked it...
# 9 Freezer Boy @ 07/06/08 03:06 PM
The only game on that list that I actually played was Outlaw Golf on the Xbox. That was a pretty good game for being the 3rd weirdest game ever.

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