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Last week, one of the major "leaks" associated with the marketing research company Intellisponse was the one that dealt with Forza Motorsport 3. The leaked document made it seem like Forza 3 would be released on two discs, which would certainly be odd for a title that is non-linear.

However, the The Angry Pixel spoke with an "inside-man" who knows that Dhruva Interactive, an Indian game development company that worked on both of the previous Forza titles, is already working on Forza 3 -- the original story doesn't make it clear who the insider works for though. In any case, the insider also states that, "One way or the other, the core game will be shipped on a single disc. Content won’t be sacrificed… fans will be pleasantly surprised for what’s in store."

Obviously now the question is, what is the definition of the core game? As I said previously, it's odd that a non-linear game would ship on multiple discs, but that doesn't mean it would be unprecedented. Gran Turismo 2 also shipped on two discs, one for the Arcade mode, and one for the Simulation mode. That game sold incredibly well and received rave reviews, so clearly it didn't have a negative impact on the product in the minds of consumers or reviewers.

The insider that spoke with The Angry Pixel also said that a Forza 3 announcement was coming "fairly soon." The next big event is E3, so that could certainly be the "fairly soon" the insider is hinting at.

Either way, would you folks be fine with a two-disc racing game? My hope is that one DVD would simply be an install disc, but I assume Microsoft would be hesitant to do that since not all 360 owners have a hard drive.

Rumor: Forza 3 is Coming, Sans Disc-Swapping [The Angry Pixel]

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