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The Paris Game Developers Conference (GDC) is going on this week, and Electronic Arts has been in attendance. David McCarthy, executive producer and VP at EA, spoke at the conference this morning, and while answering a question dealing with the success of peripherals (Wii, Rock Band, Guitar Hero) said, "We expect to see more [peripherals] at EA Sports."

McCarthy went on to say, "...You will see EA Sports...--even over the course of the next 12 months, I would think--use that peripheral strategy to some extent."

Next-Gen caught up with McCarthy after the event and prodded him further. He was mum on any true announcements but did say, "You could see something around E3. Definitely something in the next few months, for sure."

Presumably, this development will have the most impact on the Wii because it already has built-in peripherals in a way.

"One of the things we're doing is looking at just playing with the Wii remote in a different way, using a whole new peripheral that's out there, kind of thing," said McCarthy. "So, basically enabling control for the user in a much different way."

Here's to hoping EA Sports doesn't go overboard with this concept in the coming months and years.

EA Sports Peripherals May Debut at E3

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# 1 spit_bubble @ 06/24/08 07:15 PM
Their first peripheral should be a t-shirt that reads:

"I'm stupid enough to think that peripherals make games better"
# 2 yamabushi @ 06/25/08 10:55 AM
'cause who doesnt love paying $10 for a nickles worth of useless plastic!

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