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Following this morning's official announcement of the cover athletes for NBA Live 09, EA have passed over new screenshots and a video featuring the pack talent in action. Also included is a screenshot of this year's cover art. Check them all out in our NBA Live 09 media page.

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# 1 23 @ 06/25/08 12:47 PM
LOL i never really thought about this, but why is Tony Parker looking like he's on caffiene pills on the up close shots?

That doesn't capture his facial expressions at all...lol

Oh and is that Kirk Hinrich or Beno Udrih
# 2 Stumbleweed @ 06/25/08 01:10 PM
Haha exactly what I thought.. I was expecting a "HULK SMASH!!"

Still looks really jerky and weird like last year -- the first video looked nicer.
# 3 trobinson97 @ 06/25/08 02:07 PM
Totally didn't expect the cover. I'll reserve any other judgments after seeing some real game play vids.
# 4 trobinson97 @ 06/25/08 03:02 PM
Originally Posted by huddy187
Man this game is looking great that was 100% gameplay. I guess im getting live instead of 2k this. Finally another good basketball game. Great lookin faces and its Beno Udrih dude not Kirk how can u get that mixed up.
Lol, was this sarcasm?
# 5 23 @ 06/25/08 05:27 PM
LOL, I dont think you're following the conversation very well... and im with you Trob, im waiting to see what they bring and not this clip of some "fake emotion" on Tony Parker's face....hahaha
# 6 Kashanova @ 06/25/08 06:39 PM
tony parker is on the cover of the us cover? that's very susprising
# 7 Pared @ 06/25/08 06:57 PM
That video is extremely short. I can find a positive in the quickstrike ball-handling. Looks much, much smoother this year. Moves actually look to flow into one another.

I'm still reserving judgment until I get some time with the game in a 5 on 5, full court simulation of NBA basketball. Most of these trailers really make it difficult to tell the improvements.

In this video they use Tony's floater, or Go-To move, which was already in last year.
# 8 stizz @ 06/25/08 07:43 PM
I think it might be from an old build since Derek Fisher has hair in this vid, but none in the first.
# 9 slvicick @ 06/25/08 11:32 PM
OMG, I hate the animations in Live.... I can't wait till they start over with all of them.

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