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We've just posted some more screenshots from our beta copy of Madden NFL 09. Today's shots feature the AFC South division.

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# 1 AC IS ART @ 06/27/08 06:43 AM
Nice screens, i'm hoping the texans have their all red uni's. LoL Peyton still has that ridiculous facemask he's had since madden 06.
# 2 texbuk84 @ 06/27/08 06:49 AM
yeah great screens but wheres the love for the NFC EAST. BEST DIVISION IN FOOTBALL.
# 3 blackngoldfan @ 06/27/08 06:49 AM
Nice to see Jaguars all whites are in.
# 4 RaiderKtulu @ 06/27/08 07:04 AM
Originally Posted by blackngoldfan
Nice to see Jaguars all whites are in.
Actually it's just nice to see that the Jags have multiple "road" uniforms. That's a good sign for other teams possibly having some.
# 5 coogrfan @ 06/27/08 08:29 AM
Originally Posted by AC IS ART
Nice screens, i'm hoping the texans have their all red uni's. LoL Peyton still has that ridiculous facemask he's had since madden 06.
Originally Posted by adfletch71
I hope that the texans have the all red uniforms and that jax will have the all black. So i'm wondering if they have all the different unis, then we should have a way to select them in the menu? Like 2k5 did, madden08 didnt have that.
The local reaction to last seasons' red on red experiment was almost universally negative, so I'm pretty sure the Texans will be sticking with the red-white combo this year.

I can't get over how improved the game is visually over last year. The improvements to the player models and lighting have been discussed at length, but the improved look of the sidelines is a big part of it as well. Multiple coaches, players in different poses, and the large number of media types combine to make the game look almost real.

Good stuff, EA.
# 6 adub88 @ 06/27/08 09:05 AM
Thanks Steve for answering my request and posting the Thanksgiving 04 uni's.
# 7 mastershake88 @ 06/27/08 09:37 AM
yeah thanks for putting in the Indianapolis throwback. always nice to see the colts use yet another thing that Baltimore had and indianapolis didnt.
# 8 AftershockFx @ 06/27/08 10:09 AM
Nice screens. The Jags having multiple road uni's does raise hopes that some other teams have the same option.
# 9 ifiok25 @ 06/27/08 11:10 AM
That's Titans navy blue jerseys with the Columbia blue pants are ugly.
# 10 TennesseeVols16 @ 06/27/08 12:00 PM
Originally Posted by jwil5050
yeah great screens but wheres the love for the NFC EAST. BEST DIVISION IN FOOTBALL.
sorry 2nd best behind AFC South, this is highly argueble, but I say AFC South, we had 3 teams in yhe playoffs and always have at least 2, all of the teams aren't a push over (not saying that NFC East teams are a push over) and we probley we beat NFC East 90% of the time. But this is highly argueble and I thought I put my 2 cents in
# 11 Altimus @ 06/27/08 12:24 PM
Nice screens.
# 12 K_GUN @ 06/27/08 03:56 PM
next up....AFC east?


regardless.....thx steve for your efforts
# 13 Mhancock @ 06/28/08 12:49 PM
Could I PUHLEASE get a shot of a Lion in the endzone? and not getting scored on would be nice
# 14 Nza @ 06/29/08 02:53 AM
This seems like a good thread to ask - Steve, what are the default Titans home uniforms? According to the Titans online shop, the old 'alternates' which are mainly the light 'columbia' blue are now the home jersey, and the previous mostly navy blue jersey is now the alternate. So I assume that means the light blue/light blue look is now the default home uniform?

No official news about it but if EA get their uniform combo details from the NFL yearly, I assume they would reflect any change for this coming season in 09.
# 15 Nza @ 06/29/08 09:22 AM
Yes, definitely a Titans fan In the past two seasons I recall a rather large deal being made about the players all really liking the full columbia blue look. It was apparently the player desires fueled by the win streak in 06 where Fisher was in a rewarding mood that got the ball rolling on those new uniform combos being worn regularly, so I figure the players eventually got it changed for good. I don't even know how the Titans managed to use so many unis lately, I thought the league approved one home, one away, and one alternate, which can only be used twice a season or something. The Titans in 06 I believe it was, was wearing a new uni combo almost every week.

Not sure Bud would celebrate 10 years with a nod to the Oilers when the celebration itself is the first year as the Tennessee Titans, but that could explain it. Perhaps the online shop is wrong, but it is a change consistent throughout the entire site. As I said though, haven't heard anything else about it officially, which is odd as the Nashville beat writers are usually onto things like this for tidbits in their articles.

I like dark on dark too. I like most of the combos, except for the one ifiok25 mentioned disliking above, i.e. the dark jersey and light blue pants, which looks bad IMO. I think my favorite is the away jersey with the light blue pants myself, but I must admit I like the all columbia blue. It isn't technically overly like the Oilers uniforms but I feel it captures that same boldness and uniqueness, the type you either love or hate. Every good uniform has its lovers and haters, otherwise it would just be mediocre, sitting in the dimension of no criticism but little acclaim.

Anyway, would be interesting to know if any changes were made to the Titans home config for Madden 09 if anyone who has the game, or works on the game, wants to chime in.
# 16 IndyColts7UNC @ 07/02/08 11:05 PM
has anyone noticed that the window sizes of Lucas Oil Stadium are waaay too small
# 17 Nza @ 07/05/08 04:12 AM
Originally Posted by Flamehead
Yeah, it would be nice to know what the deal is on that officially. And you're right, you'd think some of the beat writers might have mentioned something about it by now. Oh well, I guess we'll know soon enough.

Quick Edit: As I think about it, you may be right about the Bud Adams thing. Jeff himself has always answered when asked about wearing throwback Oiler uniforms "We don't wear those because we're not the Oilers now---we're the Tennessee Titans." Kind of a "that was then, this is now" thing.
Turns out it's true after all:


Probably too late a development for EA to pick up on though if I had to guess.

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