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Headed to the beach this weekend, but I need to cut the grass before we go, it's getting a bit long. Yard work is so much fun... Probably need to trim up some bushes and trees as well, before the HOA gets on me.

The NBA draft came and went, I was expecting a lot more trading. That kinda made it boring for me.

What's up with you?
  • QOTD: What are you up to this weekend?
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# 1 callmetaternuts @ 06/27/08 08:00 AM
QOTD: Yard work and MGS 4.....still recovering from honeymoon
# 2 boomhauertjs @ 06/27/08 08:34 AM
Hickson's an ok pick for the Cavs. At that point in the draft, you don't know what you're going to get. It looks more and more like the Cavs will go in with the same roster they had at the end of last season and probably won't be able to make a deal until close to the trading deadline. Meanwhile, the LeBron to NY/NJ talk won't stop...

QOTD: Going to the "Battle of Ohio" between the Indians and Reds tonight (or Battle of Last Place Teams). My wife will embarassingly be rooting for her Reds. Tomorrow, my in-laws are dropping off their piano, which they are giving to my wife. Will probably spend Sunday packing for our trip.
# 3 CMH @ 06/27/08 11:34 AM
Wow, at how Cameron pitched Aliens to get it green-lit. Writing the word Aliens on a chalkboard and then following it up by drawing two lines on the 's' to form a $ sign. That's Hollywood for you.

And Geffen Babies? Umm, color me concerned.

This weekend I'll be playing Top Spin 3 and Drake's Fortune like a mad man. I'll also do a lot of writing and playing some baseball.
# 4 CMH @ 06/27/08 11:43 AM
Originally Posted by MassNole
QOTD: My belated graduation/bar passing/being admitted to the Mass. bar party is this Sunday. So we will be celebrating all weekend long.
Can you resend the invitation? I think mine got lost in the mail.
# 5 CPRoark @ 06/27/08 11:52 AM
I've played through the LEGO Indiana Jones game. If you are a big IJ fan, you'll love it--try the demo.

So happy that the Blues Brothers is on that list of car chases. Love that movie.

Weekend? Nothing planned. Hoping that the Phillies can get back on track.
# 6 CMH @ 06/27/08 12:09 PM
Is Kid Icarus only planned as a Wii release? That would be a major downer.
# 7 MMChrisS @ 06/27/08 12:11 PM
Originally Posted by YankeePride
Is Kid Icarus only planned as a Wii release? That would be a major downer.
QOTD: Looks like I have quite a bit of wrestling stuff to take care of this weekend, so I will be doing that sort of thing.
# 8 Pete1210 @ 06/27/08 12:44 PM
QOTD: My son's High School graduation ceremony is on Sunday.
# 9 rspencer86 @ 06/27/08 12:47 PM
Chiefs need to take a look at that kid in the football pass video, we need a good accurate arm.

QOTD: Royals-Cardinals Pt. II is this weekend, so I'll be watching all three of those games on TV. I'll probably hang out at the pool some, do some biking and play a lot of NBA 2k8, Burnout, GTA IV, and Uncharted.
# 10 mgoblue @ 06/27/08 01:01 PM
QOTD: Going out wine tasting with someone tonight, along with heading out to a chill bar or something...Not completely sure about the rest of the weekend, though i know i've got something to go to on Sunday. The rest will be just relaxing, it's been a really stressful work week (a co-worker was let go, leaving me more responsibility/job security, but it's been a hectic week fixing problems...plus it all came out of the blue).
# 11 davin @ 06/27/08 04:08 PM
QOTD: Movie tonight, wedding dfown in Kalida OH tomorrow. Then Sunday is preparation for all the "fun" that will occur when my grandma gets here on monday for a week. Her idea of fun is doing crosswords all day, and she hates going outside. I have to spend a couple days basically babysitting her. Ugh. It doesn't help relations with her and my family are pretty strained.

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