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If you guys have read Steve's Tuesday Morning Other Stuff post, I am going to do the same here. In a nutshell, try to comment on the links I post so I could see what interests the OS community and what doesn't interest you.

If you don't want to comment on the links, then try to at least answer the QOTN. If you don't want to reply to the QOTN, then just post something in general about you, what is bothering you, something that happened at work, etc. Just post something, so my hot links post have more replies than Steve!

Anyways, nothing eventful today, just a ordinary work day.
  • QOTN: Do you believe my hot links post will surpass Steve's Morning Other Stuff post in replies?

UPDATE: More links!

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# 1 Steve_OS @ 07/01/08 10:40 PM
LOL, Steve FTW!
# 2 Chaos81 @ 07/01/08 10:43 PM
Capcom is hunting for Bay-Area gamers to come to their secret lair and test out a super-secret game, eat potential cookies, and be showered with prizes, all in the name of focus testing. Their requirements are quite meager:

That GTA IV baseball bat is kind of weird.

QOTN: Not a chance, sorry HD.
# 3 hdaniel1 @ 07/01/08 11:34 PM
Originally Posted by Steve_OS
LOL, Steve FTW!
Your going down Steve!!!................someday!
# 4 bronco92 @ 07/01/08 11:43 PM
QOTN: It will be a tight race. But I think Steve will win.
# 5 bronco92 @ 07/01/08 11:43 PM
QOTN: Oh wait, I see more comments for HD. I change my mind, HD FTW!
# 6 bronco92 @ 07/01/08 11:43 PM
Yeah, def HD
# 7 hdaniel1 @ 07/02/08 12:45 AM

You guys have to watch the IT Guy vs. Dumb Employees Video, especially the ending. LOL!!!
# 8 luv_mist @ 07/02/08 01:06 AM
Wow for the IT Guy vs. Dumb Employees. That was the most classic bit of laughter. My wife stayed up with me to watch it. Hilarious. Good links. I like them all. They're all worth the read imo.
# 9 ARG190 @ 07/02/08 03:44 AM
Man if you work IT and do any kind of call support you can definitely relate to that video! Hilarious.
# 10 boomhauertjs @ 07/02/08 07:27 AM
Our local library system has had some video games to check out for at least a year or more.

QOTN: Steve will get more replies. I think more people are online in the morning while at work (like me).
# 11 warnerwlf98 @ 07/02/08 10:45 AM
That IT guy vs. dumb employees vid was classic. A great laugh out loud moment. Thanks.

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