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The following websites has posted updates for Skate It:
  • 1up: Skate It Preview

    "The Wii Remote controls are still surprisingly intuitive and responsive, with you moving the motion controller as you wish to move the skateboarder -- turning it left and right to turn, tilting it up and down to manual and nose manual, and flicking it quickly upward to jump."
  • Gamespot: Skate It Updated Hands-On

    "When you first step on the balance board, it will automatically detect your center of balance and set that as the neutral point in terms of steering and doing manuals."
  • Gamespy: Skate It Preview (DS)

    "Using a stylus, you draw quick strokes on the skateboard to simulate shifting your weight or kicking. For instance, a quick swipe from the rear of the board to the front will do an ollie. A similar swipe from the back of the board and then off to either side will do a kickflip or heelflip."
  • Gamespy: Skate It Preview (Wii)

    "Using the Wiimote to control a skateboard is actually surprisingly straightforward. You simply point the controller at the TV and hold it level, imagining that the controller is the deck of your board."

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