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"Electronic Arts has satisfied the Federal Trade Commission's extensive second request for information in the publisher's bid to acquire Take-Two, the company revealed through an SEC filing today - and, pursuant to EA's agreement with the FTC, it won't "consummate" any acquisition before August 21.

That is, unless the FTC finishes its investigation sooner. It's now got the information it needs from EA in its quest to determine possible antitrust issues, but Take-Two has appeared to struggle with fulfilling the broad-ranging request; when it was initially uncompliant, the District Court of Washington, D.C. had demanded it show cause, with Take-Two risking an injunction if it failed to pony up."

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# 1 savoie2006 @ 07/08/08 11:48 AM
# 2 BrianFifaFan @ 07/08/08 11:58 AM
Yay! Rob Jones will be making NBA Live soon!
# 3 t216 @ 07/08/08 12:24 PM
I wonder could T2 be considering someone else as a better suitor.
# 4 savoie2006 @ 07/08/08 12:35 PM
Well Ubisoft would be a perfect fit if the two could work something out.This way Take Two could keep their Sports games and Ubisoft would be expanding it's library like it wants to.Not only that,but I think Ubisoft would greatly help 2KSports in looking Next Gen.
# 5 spit_bubble @ 07/08/08 01:48 PM

Sometimes I wish the sun would just explode.
# 6 DC @ 07/08/08 06:44 PM
Leave us the hell alone EA got damn man
# 7 RubenDouglas @ 07/08/08 08:10 PM
i dont get it. T2 doesnt seem like they want to be sold or bought out. so why does EA continue to nag and push their way? no means no, right?
# 8 savoie2006 @ 07/08/08 08:18 PM
I believe Take Two does want to be bought out or to merger with someone.However,the big reason they are fighting EA is money.I would be willing to bet if EA offered 28-30 dollars a share,Take Two would jump all over it.As Take Two has said

Said a Take-Two spokesperson, "Our position with respect to EA’s tender offer remains unchanged. Take-Two’s Board is committed to and focused on a process of considering all strategic alternatives to maximize the value of Take-Two. We are considering any and all alternatives which will deliver greater value to stockholders than the current EA offer."
# 9 texbuk84 @ 07/09/08 12:20 AM
here we go again
# 10 BigO32 @ 07/10/08 12:40 AM
Originally Posted by koshi

Sometimes I wish the sun would just explode.
Me too, this EA/Take Two thing is really driving me to the point of insanity
# 11 spit_bubble @ 07/10/08 04:49 PM
Originally Posted by BigO32
Me too, this EA/Take Two thing is really driving me to the point of insanity
Quite quotin' me without understandinatin' what I'm tryin' to say!
# 12 savoie2006 @ 07/10/08 07:39 PM
What exactly were you trying to say and what is so wrong with him quoting it?
# 13 maddenps2 @ 07/15/08 11:58 AM
Buy NBA2k, Buy all other sports games. From this year on we will only be able to buy EA sports games. One brand, One choice, it's the worse event ever in the history of sporting games. It sucks because sporting games are my favorite genre.
# 14 datbushboy @ 07/15/08 09:22 PM
if that were to happen I think i would just give up on sports games all together, EA sports has my moral circle totally grayed out, especially with the horribleness of NCAA Football 2008.5. EA's graphics with 2k's gameplay and presentation would be heaven though.

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