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Have any questions for the Producers of MLB Power Pros 2008? If so, post them here and we will get them answered as soon as possible.

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# 1 duke776 @ 07/08/08 09:28 PM
Is the Season mode longer than 10 seasons this year?
In arrange mode, are there more cities to choose from(mainly cities with MLB teams)?
Also, in arrange mode, do we have more logos to choose from for a team?

That's all I have for right now...Thanks for doing this!
# 2 cdronm @ 07/08/08 10:20 PM
Will ONLINE PLAY be supported on the Wii this year?
# 3 brendanrfoley @ 07/09/08 01:10 AM
Drawing walks last year was excruciatingly difficult. Is it easier to draw a free pass this year?
# 4 statnut @ 07/09/08 10:41 AM
Why is there no season or Success mode in the DS version? I'm not looking to play 10 seasons, but the inability to even play 1 season killed my interest in the portable version. I'm curious as the reasoning behind leaving that feature out, when its been in the Japanese versions for a while now.
# 5 goheat @ 07/09/08 10:48 AM
Originally Posted by Crash Davis
Will you able to play with the Wii Mote through an entire season/franchise/career or will it just be like last year with the option for a pick up game/HR Derby?
Good question, as I've heard that the Wii remote motion controls will again only be available in limited mode...
# 6 StormJH1 @ 07/09/08 12:41 PM
I've heard that you'll be able to warm pitchers up in the bullpen this year...is that true? Also, is anything being done to make it easier to access the bullpen/pinch hitters, etc. during gameplay?

Also, (and here's a big one I've heard a lot on the boards), will there be ROSTER UPDATES available, or at least something like a roster file that could be saved and more easily updated by the community?

# 7 RNunez187 @ 07/09/08 02:04 PM
Will Wii and PS2 passwords be compatible this year? Will 07 passwords work with 08?
# 8 duke776 @ 07/09/08 03:16 PM
I'm going to be posting some questions that some people from another board want to know...so if I post a unch of questions they're not all from me, I may just keep editing this post for the questions.

In success mode or MLB life mode is gambling for abilites is still part of the game. What kind of impact does buying bigger houses and cars have on your player?

Will our success mode passwords from last years game be compatible with this years game? Will wii's and ps2's success mode passwords be compatible?
# 9 opd897 @ 07/09/08 10:19 PM
Are there going to more walks this year (CPU and Human)?

Will we easily be able to edit / update rosters without having to do the difficult Arrange Mode thing?
# 10 Rand @ 07/09/08 11:12 PM
Why did you decide not to include the Success/MLB Life/Season modes in the DS version, is there any hope they may be added in future iterations?

Walks were very difficult to draw and came few and far between. Has this been looked into, to ensure a more realistic number of walks?

How up to date will the rosters be?

The announcer mispronounced a rather signifcant number of players names wrong. Has any of the dialog been re-recorded?

Have sales of MLB Power Pros been sufficient and met your expectations, do you forsee a reasonably chance of this becoming an established franchise in North America long term?

I doubt they would give any real answer to the last question but... may as well throw it out there anyway.
# 11 Fatalah @ 07/10/08 09:45 AM
Yes, seriously. Why no season mode in the DS version? I've been waiting for a solid DS baseball game for years, and of course they screw it up!
# 12 Steve_OS @ 07/11/08 06:27 AM
Thanks guys, this should be enough.

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