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"Single Player, Xbox Live Multiplayer 1-4, Local Multiplayer 1-4, HD (High Definition). Hit the sweet spot with Golf: Tee It Up! Pick up and play a few quick holes on your own or compete with friends in a full 18-hole multiplayer tournament. With zany customizable characters, both beginners and experienced golfers can easily join the fun on beautiful panoramic and challenging courses. Need some special touch for your hacked shot?"

Golf: Tee It Up! Available on XBLA [Major Nelson]

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# 1 jaosming @ 07/09/08 08:39 AM
I am seriously considering buying the full version of this. I've been checking out previews all week and had some fun with the trial version this morning before work. Has anyone else tried it and think its worth the 800 points?
# 2 LincSink @ 07/09/08 10:26 AM
I hope someone gets it and gives a review because I loved Hot Shots on my PS2 and would like something on the 360 that comes close to that (not Tiger Woods). Off to download the trial
# 3 jaosming @ 07/09/08 12:36 PM
I bought the full version, the holes definitely get a bit more challenging than the trial ones, but nothing too too difficult.

This game is exactly want I wanted it to be so I am happy with my purchase. I can write up a review later sometime when I get some extra freetime
# 4 mudtiger @ 07/09/08 08:06 PM
Played the demo and I agree, it seems pretty good for 800 points. I might have to buy it. How many courses are there? Any word on dlc courses?

....I see 36 holes and dlc courses are mentioned.
# 5 ExtremeGamer @ 07/09/08 08:45 PM
I got it. It's Hot Shots for the 360, but you can talk online with this one

Only 2 courses, but I read one is ready to go and will be free. A 4th one will be available at a later point.
# 6 OnlookerDelay @ 07/11/08 03:43 PM
I picked this up last night on a whim. It looks better than I expected it to look, but the gameplay is not in the same galaxy as even the first generation Hot Shots golf game. It feels like a dressed-up budget game. If the physics were closer to Hot Shots, I could get more out of this game, but it's just way too easy from what I've seen thus far. I knew it was an arcade game going in so I guess I can't complain. I'd still rather play Hotshots Fore on my PS2, and I paid less for it (E-Bay for $7) than I did for Tee It Up.
# 7 mudtiger @ 07/14/08 03:23 PM
I've been getting a lot more fun out of this game by not using the right stick move the ball gimmick and by always using the power shot by hitting b before a shot. Makes the game quite a bit harder and more enjoyable for me.

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