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And as it turns out, OS will be there to bask in its awesomeness. But what can you expect next week in terms of coverage? Well ... a lot actually.

Iíll be arriving in smoggy L.A. on Monday morning, and while the show floor doesnít open until Tuesday, Electronic Arts is having its press conference at 3:30 p.m. (PST) and Iíll be there live-blogging it. So when that time comes, there will be a live blog in this snazzy new E3 space where you guys can follow all the happenings -- while day dreaming about playing NCAA Football the following morning. That night you can also expect a podcast (yes itís coming back full-time, and there should even be a normal show this Sunday -- Iím breaking that news right here) where I talk about some of what I saw at the press conference, and some of what I will be seeing over the next few days.

On Tuesday the show floor opens, and over the course of Tuesday and Wednesday I will be covering all things sports gaming. On those days you can expect certain things.

Each morning I'll post a tentative schedule of what Iíll be seeing that day. Each night we'll be recording a brand new podcast. And in between those two things you will see a whole mess load of content right here on this page.

Iíll also be doing other live blogs, providing media, hopefully posting some interviews, and of course writing previews and impressions galore. In fact, to make you feel as close to the event as OS can humanly provide (weíd do even more but our little operation here isnít quite ďblowing upĒ to that extent quite yet), Iíll provide some way for you to check on my every step. That means a Twitter account that will be updated constantly (see right-side panel of this page for that), and a travel journal of sorts where Iíll be posting about what Iíve been doing during that day.

So stay tuned throughout this week and next as I will be posting about all things E3. The end goal: make you sick of E3 when itís all said and done.

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# 1 Qb @ 07/10/08 06:40 PM
Cool stuff, man. Looking forward to reading about your excellent adventure and hoping that it doesn't become a bogus journey...
# 2 BigH2k6 @ 07/10/08 06:48 PM
Originally Posted by q_bert183
Cool stuff, man. Looking forward to reading about your excellent adventure and hoping that it doesn't become a bogus journey...
All right Q, you been around for a while since you remember the Bill and Ted movies

I have been too cause I remember those movies too
# 3 BattleTested20 @ 07/12/08 03:21 PM
Looking forward to everything you bring us, can't wait for the news to being coming in left and right

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