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Playstation.Blog has announced the Burnout Paradise - Codename: Cagney Update is now available.

"To get it Ė just put your Burnout Paradise disk into your PlayStation 3, launch the game and itíll download automatically.

Itís that easy Ė and itís all FREE Ė new online game modes, new vehicles and a stack of enhancements and fixes to make playing Burnout Paradise even better."

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# 1 aukevin @ 07/10/08 09:28 AM
Great news!
# 2 bkfount @ 07/10/08 09:57 AM
no 360?
# 3 ExtremeGamer @ 07/10/08 10:01 AM
Originally Posted by bkfount
no 360?
360 update comes out Monday.
# 4 bkfount @ 07/10/08 04:03 PM
not anymore..


We've picked up some additional bugs in our final test phase for the 360 version of Cagney and will delay until these issues are resolved.

We're unable to give an exact timeline for release, but as soon as we have confirmation, we'll post here on the criteriongames.com. For the moment, we're expecting this to have an impact of around a week-and-a-half. Right now, we're looking at 24th July as a projected date.

Big thanks to Microsoft for picking up these last few bugs. Nothing's more important to us than Burnout fans getting a great service, which is why we won't pull the trigger on Cagney until we're happy that it's bug-free.
so why does the update have bugs for the 360, but not the ps3.
# 5 rspencer86 @ 07/10/08 04:11 PM
Wow, this is like the first time in history that a cross-platform update will be available for the PS3 before the 360.

Awesome, I'm still working through single player and will have to play more online now.
# 6 auburntigersfan @ 07/10/08 04:19 PM
the fact that it isn't out yet for the 360 makes me sad.
# 7 Cagney3t @ 07/11/08 01:10 AM
HA! My first name is Cagney. SWEET. There is an update with my name. Who wouldve thunk it...

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