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Itís early, too early. But Iím here now in the Philadelphia airport terminal awaiting my flight to Los Angeles. Unfortunately I didnít need to get cavity searched while going through the security checks, but then again thereís always the return flight home from LAX. I also just paid far too much for a stick of airport-style deodorant, but there should be enough putrid smelling game journalists at E3, so I figure I should avoid adding to the stench.

I really didnít sleep much last night. I waited until rather late to pack my bags, and just knew I wouldnít be able to sleep since I was rather jazzed up, knowing it was finally time to go to E3. I also had more left to do than I thought: I was putting together the various E3 questions that had been asked on the OS forums. I also had to charge up a few electronics and make sure my gaming pangs would be fed on the plane. Then finally after packing my bags and trying to figure out if things like my toothpaste would get me tagged as a terrorist or not, it was almost time to get up and get going.

In the above picture is some of the stuff Iím bringing to ensure a good time.

For the various events
: digital voice recorder, a USB headset to record the podcasts, a thumb drive, business cards, a laptop card so I can get Internet anywhere, and the trusty laptop. Also my camera is coming along, but that obviously isnít shown.

Leisure: Bringing my DS with Arkanoid DS, Space Invaders Extreme, Advance Wars: Days of Ruin, and Trauma Center 2: Under the Knife. Also have my PSP with Secret Agent Clank. Then I have the video iPod for listening and viewing. And finally some reading material, which includes a few of my gaming magazines (every gamer should check out Edge magazine at some point, best magazine in the business), and Mole People (a girl documented her various trips in the NY underground tunnels and subways, as she mingled with the various homeless and such to try and figure out why they were down there).

As I sit here I also realize itís going to be a wild week. Iím going to be doing this E3 thing solo, though Iíll have support from various staffers back at Operation Sports HQ. I also realize that the biggest game of the year in terms of site traffic is releasing this week (NCAA Football 09) and so thereís going to be complete chaos on the forums. I fear for our servers.

Iím going to be zipping between meetings and trying to get you guys every bit of info that you require while in LA. Thereís going to be live blogs, impressions, podcasts, and absolutely no snoozing time. Not everything will go smoothly Iím sure, but what would be the fun of attending a big event if it was all smooth sailing? I mean I just left my boarding pass above a urinal. Then realized five minutes later in a panicked daze, then rushed back and grabbed it thankfully. So that's the first of many bumps.

Anyway Iím turning this computer off for now and am going to save the battery in case I donít have time to recharge it before heading to the EA Press Conference at 3 p.m. PST. I should touch down around 10 a.m LA time. (Iíll probably awake from my drool nap when the wheels hit the ground.) From there Iím sure Iíll be taking an obscenely pricey cab ride to the hotel to drop off my stuff. Then from there itís off to the Los Angeles Convention Center to get my press badge -- not sure how Iíll get there from the hotel yet. Then finally itís off to the Orpheum Theatre to partake in the EA live blogging. Be sure to check back at that time (3 p.m. PST) to read all about the happenings, and keep checking the right-side panel of this OS E3 page for the Twitter updates. Also if everything goes to plan, there should be the first of three E3 podcasts tonight, but I guarantee nothing.

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# 1 Garrett67 @ 07/14/08 11:56 AM
You're doing a fine job son, I'm proud of you.

Enjoy your time and give us the low down on all things cool
# 2 Behindshadows @ 07/14/08 12:06 PM
Get that video camera for videos to bring back of all the 2ksports and EAsports gameplay footage.
# 3 MakaveliLPC @ 07/14/08 03:37 PM
why didnt u bring a camera?
# 4 bronco92 @ 07/14/08 03:45 PM
Yeah, I was wondering the same. Chase, looking forward to the big show at 3pm!
# 5 ChaseB @ 07/14/08 04:03 PM
I did bring a camera, helloooo picture above.
# 6 savoie2006 @ 07/14/08 04:05 PM
Originally Posted by ChaseB
I did bring a camera, helloooo picture above.
# 7 bronco92 @ 07/14/08 04:25 PM
I guess Chase forgot to pack his sarcasm as well.
# 8 ChaseB @ 07/14/08 04:34 PM
I fail to see your points. Chalk it up to the sleep deprivation and 4:30 a.m. wakeup calls.

Anyway heading over to this EA conference momentarily.

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