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If you missed the Operation Sports live blog, no worries, we're here to compress the EA Sports happenings down to one news article.

The conference began around 3 p.m. local time, and the EA Sports section of the conference was led by EA Sports President, Peter Moore.

Outside the Orpheum Theatre

Peter Moore highlighted two new features during his time on the stage: "Dynamic DNA" and "All-Play." Dynamic DNA was shown in NBA Live 09 (it seems to be the only game using the system this year) and All-Play was shown via Tiger Woods 09 Wii.

Before I talk about what Dynamic DNA is, it's important to note that the DNA feature is just one facet of an all-encompassing system called "NBA Live 365." The 365 equals the amount of days in a year because EA plans to update "NBA Live 365" every single day.

From the short presentation it seems like three things play into the NBA Live 365 system: Dynamic DNA, player tendencies, and hot spots.

The Dynamic DNA portion will basically allow real-life stats and rosters to be brought over to NBA Live every day. So in a way it's a daily roster update, since ratings as well as rosters will fluctuate. It also allows players to be better represented in the video game, because if so-and-so player started driving more in real life, he would drive to the hoop more in the video game.

The player tendencies will change due to personnel. The example at the press conference was the Boston Celtics. On the current Celtics squad, Kevin Garnett posts up more, Ray Allen spots up more, and Paul Pierce drives more. If they were separated, you would see them play in different ways.

Finally there's the hot spots, which by the way are now toned down outlines of yellow, red and blue, rather than colored-in portions like in Live 08. Now when players are at certain spots on the court, not only is the hot zone shown, but the way the player approaches that spot is also shown. So if a player's tendency is to drive right, then that tendency will be expressed on the court.

It's confusing and we really don't know in-depth what all of this will mean -- not surprising considering the venue -- so for now all we can say is it's interesting.

All-Play was the other big talking point. This feature was already explained in the past, so not too much needs to be said this time around. Basically Peter Moore reiterated the fact that EA Sports wants to make sure they are expanding the market, and the Wii is a good way to do that.

LPGA golfer Natalie Gulbis on-stage with Peter Moore

The point of All-Play is to expand upon "Family Play" from last year, except now the game builds you up more gradually than before. It also still levels the playing field between the "hardcore" and the newcomers as well.

Regardless of how these new features turn out, Peter Moore made it clear at the start of his presentation that moving forward, EA Sports is about moving the sports genre in new directions.

Also since EA Sports has plenty more to show off, check back over the next two days as we'll have some actual hands-on time with some of these '09 games.

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# 1 distauma @ 07/14/08 09:04 PM
From a sports standpoint this press conference was a let down. They stressed the new NBA Live that regardless of quality will surely be outsold by the loyal fan base NBA 2k has instilled. The 365 feature is nice and all but seriously it would be so much more useful in Madden (which we got no new info on whatsoever).

And all-play was the rest of the big news they had for us? Really? Of course the people that frequent this site aren't the gamer they are targeting with the Wii line of games, but they could have given something more.

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