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This was my first-time playing the Wii version of Tiger Woods. This is also the first year the Wii version is being developed at Tiburon. Regardless, it still felt like Tiger Woods, shocker there. The Wii version still lacks some of the bells and whistles that the PS3/360 versions have, such as GamerNet; but, the Wii version does win out in other ways. For example, TWoods Wii has more courses than the PS3/360 versions.

Since EA is really hyping true "one-to-one" this year (meaning what you do with the controls happens on-screen exactly the same) I was eager to see how well this all works. And thankfully for EA, mostly the one-to-one does seem to work. To check out the system I was starting a backswing and watching the screen as virtual Tiger mimicked my movements. But when I was finally ready to swing I had mixed results at the start. I struggled with getting max power on the drives and iron shots. It also probably didn't help that I was playing at Wolf Creek (one of the new courses) because the elevation changes added an extra bit of challenge.

As I played more I took it more seriously and tried to really imagine the Wii Remote was a club (I do play a good amount of golf in real life). So I slowed down my backswing and tried to use better form, thus I started to produce better results. By the end I was more successfully hitting with max power, but I still felt like it was a little hit or miss when I got to the peak of my swing.

On the green, it seems like the putting system has been simplified for the better. This year you just focus on the backswing, which does mean it's "dumbed down" I guess. But since putting is so much about feel and touch, it would be a hassle to think about as a gamer, and probably wouldn't be done very well by the developer. So now you still do all your pre-putt reads, then take your smooth backswing and just follow through normally. You can tell how much power you have by the new on-screen putting meter that basically fills up as you pull the virtual club farther back. Now you can still "cheese it up" so to speak via changing how far you pull back the club in an unrealistic way -- no one in real life pulls the club back then thinks no that's too much power and eases the club forward just a pinch to go for less power. But it's somewhat easy to accidentally have the slight forward motions be read as a putting stroke; so, it's better to take a smooth stroke, and if you aren't happy with the backswing, just stop the swing and start again.

To cap off my nine holes, I buried a putt by being really aggressive and going with a do-or-die approach. I lined up the putt, checked my power level, took a smooth backswing, hit the level I wanted on the power meter, and buried the putt. It felt rewarding in a way that doesn't always occur when playing Tiger Woods on the 360 or PS3. And perhaps that's the nicest thing I can say about Tiger Woods Wii. Unlike most sports games, the Wii version was the one I wanted to play.

Biggest Positive: The putting system now has an on-screen indicator that helps judge power better.

Biggest Negative
: Had a little bit of an issue getting the right power on non-putting swings.

Biggest Question: How hard will it be to do higher-level stuff (draws, fades) due to the controls?

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