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The following websites have posted NHL 2K9 updates:
  • 1up: NHL 2K9 Preview (Wii)

    "Additionally, 2K Sports says it will attempt to inject some fun back into the franchise via additions like a Zamboni-driving minigame during intermission, a new fighting engine that uses the Wii Remote and Nunchuk like fists, teams that grow manly "playoff beards," and an interactive postgame celebration for the Stanley Cup champions."
  • Gamespy: NHL 2K9 Gameplay Demo (360)

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# 1 weapon311 @ 07/17/08 08:29 AM
I'm very excited for this game being thats its built from the ground up by vc. The video has alot of nice animations, however the game looks kind of sloppy. Lets hope for 2 good hockey games again this year.
# 2 slickdtc @ 07/17/08 10:13 AM
Is that video from 360 or Wii? During the video there's a little crosshair that appears and I assume it's for passing. Isn't that the Wii point-to-pass system they're putting in?

Anyway, I kind of like what's going on in that video. For one thing, the game speed is not break neck speed as the usual early/default settings videos are. Otherwise, it just looks... different. If you play NHL 2k games, you'll notice. It's like a cross between vintage 2k and EA. Maybe it's just me though. I like how the Pens (CPU) set up early too.
# 3 weapon311 @ 07/17/08 11:33 AM
i think its from the wii version. Still, it's a good indication of where the games going.
# 4 zzyzx @ 07/19/08 03:24 PM
The Wii is a tough nut to crack. You have to find something interesting in the controls, because the raw horsepower isn't there. It's not impossible - like using the wiimote to choose the break point of your pitches in MLB2k8. But when you don't do anything interesting with the controls, you end up with garbage like NCAA Football 09 for Wii.

Force me to guess, and I'll predict point-n-pass might work. Konami's already had good luck with something similar in pro evo soccer.

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