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Like the links? Kick off some conversations about them!Well, after one day of the pool, my knees already feel a ton better. I'll try this for about a month and see how they feel. Nat had a blast, it's funny watching her learn how to swim, but she's getting better very quickly.

I'm hoping to pick up the bike this afternoon. Really hoping it is ready, since rain is in the forecast for the weekend. Not like they are ever right, but whatever.

What's up with you?
  • QOTD: Which upcoming game(s) are you looking forward to the most?
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# 1 callmetaternuts @ 07/17/08 07:01 AM
QOTD: Madden, and that is it.

I want Blu-Ray on 360.
# 2 dantethayer @ 07/17/08 07:25 AM
Probley madden 09, Fallout 3, Fable 2 and Gears of war 2
# 3 GreatScot @ 07/17/08 08:46 AM
Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, and Guitar Hero World Tour. All of the sports games I've seen so far have underwhelmed. I'm holding out hope for the 2k basketball games though.
# 4 jpup @ 07/17/08 09:07 AM
Little Big Planet. I could not tell you why, but I have been intrigued by it.
# 5 Pete1210 @ 07/17/08 09:32 AM
Have to agree with the links: Microsoft had the best showing at E3. Plenty of good games coming on the 360 and also some family friendly stuff (though I think the console price is still too high to appeal to non-gamers)

QOTD: Gears of War 2.
# 6 distauma @ 07/17/08 10:49 AM
Borderlands looks insane and so does Halo Wars...

I'm also looking forward to Madden, Head Coach '09, Fallout 3, and MLB Power Pros, but NBA 2k9 takes the cake for my most anticipated title.
# 7 Acid @ 07/17/08 11:35 AM
I thought I was going to hate the soccer link because I thought it would be one of those articles where they just bash soccer but it was actually a good read and I agree with most of it.

# 8 aukevin @ 07/17/08 11:49 AM
QOTD: Star Wars The Force Unleashed and Lego Batman.
# 9 Wasted Penguins @ 07/17/08 11:50 AM
QOTD: Head Coach/Madden 09
# 10 Bruins @ 07/17/08 12:12 PM
# 11 Beantown @ 07/17/08 12:18 PM
QOTD: Fifa 09, Madden 09, Star Wars: Force Unleashed
# 12 WDOgF0reL1fe @ 07/17/08 12:44 PM
I liked that movie misquote link
# 13 Qb @ 07/17/08 01:05 PM
QOTD: NHL 09 & FIFA 09

I also read the '7 Reasons' article regarding soccer in the US. Some good points, but ultimately, I don't really care how popular it is. I feel the same way about hockey & the NHL. I love both sports and I don't need society's approval or acceptance. I'm such a rebel...
# 14 windseer90 @ 07/17/08 01:48 PM
QOTD: Star Wars and Fable 2
# 15 Scott @ 07/17/08 02:28 PM
App store is great, can't wait to see the future of it.

QOTD: none actually
# 16 PVarck31 @ 07/17/08 02:47 PM
QOTD: Well since my wife actually wants me to get a 360 for fable 2 i am excited about that. Also Madden, Head coach, Fallout 3, NBA Live.
# 17 chilli311 @ 07/17/08 07:31 PM
QOTD: Fallout 3.
# 18 Eton Rifles @ 07/17/08 07:46 PM
QOTD: SOCOM Confrontation, Mercenaries 2, Saints Row 2, Fat Princess.

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