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A special thanks goes out to EA Sports and Microsoft for sponsoring our Create-A-Car and Giveaway contests! The Create-A-Car contest in particular made it difficult to pick a winner. We reviewed the submissions and judged them based on their overall feel and believability. In some cases, less is more! We settled on the best cars that we felt we could actually see on a race car in reality. There was some amazing work submitted, making it incredibly difficult to pick the winners. However, the winning vehicles in each class are shown below. Winners will need to send an email to [email protected] with their shipping address and information, as well as the original template that they created the car with, so that we can send out their new MS Wireless Wheel for the XBox 360.

Create-A-Car Contest Winners***********************

Craftsman Truck - jct32
This was one of the most interesting submissions. It was very sleek, and definitely had the look of a "real" truck. There wasn't a lot of action going on, but the basic design was so clean, it was a looker. Plus, there wasn't a lot of duplication and redundancy with the associate sponsor and rear sponsor decals. A lot of design work obviously went into fitting all of the appropriate sponsor design without getting it over-cluttered or with things used many times over. Congratulations, jct32, it's a nice truck!


Nationwide Series Winner - GJEM
To be perfectly honest, this one was a stunner. The moment it hit our inbox, it was one of the front runners. It has a slightly tribal design pattern on the hood and an overall scheme that just looks incredibly tight. We definitely need you to send in the template for this one, GJEM


Sprint Cup Winner - Hokie20
Another winning design that had clever use of Bezier Curves and smooth lines, combined with high contrasting numbers that just stood out. The pattern used for the gray sections almost looks like a carbon fiber or metallic texture, giving it a definitive look and styling that set it apart from the competition. The rear of the car gets just a bit busy, but not enough to hurt the overall strong presentation of the car. Congratulations, Hokie20!


NASCAR 09 Game Giveaway Winners
Out of respect to the people submitting their stories (some of them quite heart-felt), I'll withhold giving out any specific information. I will say that we had submissions ranging from "I'm new to the sport and want to check it out" to "I've been watching since the days of Davey Allison". Anybody who mentions Allison and goes on to discuss details of the sports history is an instant winner in my book. Our 3 winners, who will need to send an email to[email protected] with their shipping information, are:


Congratulations to all our winners, and thanks to everybody who joined! Be on the lookout for future contests on OperationSports.com soon!

Terry Crouch
The High Groove

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Platform: PS2 / PS3 / Xbox 360Votes for game: 23 - View All
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Member Comments
# 1 RunN1st @ 07/21/08 05:14 PM
Amazing job, guys!

I never race with a created car but if I can get ahold of these templates I would use them in a humming birds heart beat!

I used the 9 car last year, and I'm going with the 29 car this year. I would love to have the 09 templates.

One more thing, I hope to see the game winners join us online for some OS Tuesday night racing!
# 2 jct32 @ 07/21/08 05:19 PM
Terry its was very nice of you to have this contest and I was suprised I won. I work on trucks all day so I would sit there and think about what would look good on one, since it doesn't require much brain power to do my job. I had to manipulate the Logo to make it fit in with the car, because I felt the logo provided didn't look as good. I also though about curving those lines on my cars, but since I was busy with work and other stuff I didn't have time to change it from an angled line to a curve, but I was still happy with my design. Once again thanks for the opprutnity for this conetest and congrats to all the other winners.
# 3 Rules @ 07/21/08 05:58 PM
Congrats guys, overall fantastic job!
# 4 MonsterMinds @ 07/21/08 06:05 PM
good job guys

mniner2003 pm sent
# 5 Hokie20 @ 07/21/08 07:10 PM
Wow, thanks for the chance to win one of these things.

For anybody who wants to pick up my Sprint Cup ride, I'm "Hokie20" on XBL.

Also, I'd love to see what everybody else submitted. Here's my car I made for the Nationwide series.

# 6 Hendo1 @ 07/21/08 08:16 PM
And my wife said I wouldn't win! I'll have to put in a lot of practice before I can join in on the Tuesday races. Thank you Terry!
# 7 Chaos81 @ 07/21/08 08:20 PM
Congrats guys!
# 8 Steve_OS @ 07/22/08 12:07 PM
Wow, those look amazing! Great job guys!
# 9 Bighoff @ 07/22/08 01:24 PM
Congrats to the winners, those paint jobs look awesome.
# 10 bjf1377 @ 07/24/08 09:52 PM
I'm excited. I completely missed this thread, but I just replied with my info for shipping. I was holding off buying the game even though I really wanted it just in the off chance I might win it (and because I'm a bit low on money). I can't wait to finally get to play it

And nice work on the car designs guys. That's one of the reasons I've been dying to get this game and I can't wait to drive an OS car eventually

And thanks to TCrouch & OS for putting these up for a giveaway! (And I love your Mello Yellow car TC!)
# 11 Hokie20 @ 08/08/08 11:50 AM
Have any of the winners received their winnings yet?

Just curious.
# 12 bjf1377 @ 08/08/08 12:31 PM
Originally Posted by Hokie20
Have any of the winners received their winnings yet?

Just curious.
Not yet, but it gives me a reason to get excited about checking the mail, haha
# 13 Zhariken @ 08/15/08 10:29 AM
Nothing here yet either...
# 14 TCrouch @ 08/16/08 04:47 PM
Passed the info on to the site admin, who then gives it to EA to ship the stuff out. Not sure how fast they are...
# 15 bjf1377 @ 08/17/08 12:35 AM
Originally Posted by TCrouch
Passed the info on to the site admin, who then gives it to EA to ship the stuff out. Not sure how fast they are...
Its all good. Like I said, gives me a reason to get excited about the mail each day. Plus Madden + NCAA + Civ. Revolution all hit me at once, so it may be nice that NASCAR didn't pile on my plate, lol
# 16 Hendo1 @ 08/19/08 07:40 PM
Nothing here yet either. Still anxiously awaiting...
# 17 Zhariken @ 08/25/08 11:00 AM
NASCAR 09 (xbox360) received in the mail today (NJ)! Thank you!

Time to start practicing!
# 18 Hokie20 @ 08/25/08 06:08 PM
Just got my wheel today from UPS. Thanks again guys!

So long controller...Now I need to start my game from scratch.
# 19 jct32 @ 08/26/08 07:14 AM
Got my wheel today too, thanks guys.
# 20 TCrouch @ 08/26/08 10:32 AM
Good to hear. I was getting annoyed that it was taking so long, but a month isn't too terribly bad, considering.

Have gun, guys

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