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Don't you wish sometimes you have a ton of money to blow away at once. That is what I need now, and I am short of. LOL!

I want to get another monitor for my computer so I have dual screens. I want to eventually get the iPhone, which this island has none of. I also want to upgrade my home theater system. Ugh!
  • QOTN: If you had say $2000, what would you spend it on?

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# 1 Steve_OS @ 07/23/08 10:33 PM
QOTN: I'd have to pay off some bills. But I wouldn't.

I'd get me a new camera for sure and some accessories for the bike.
# 2 windseer90 @ 07/23/08 10:36 PM
QOTN: I would donate it all to OS

Seriously... I'd probably spend it on an HD TV and a hooker. Ok, just the TV.
# 3 Chaos81 @ 07/23/08 10:49 PM
QOTN: New computer parts.
# 4 brk1078 @ 07/24/08 07:41 AM
QOTN: I would spend half and give the other half to my best friend.

And of course, Reggie, no one would want a non-port GTA game on Wii.
# 5 Scott @ 07/24/08 09:13 AM
QOTN: I'd put it in savings, I'm currently saving up for an engagement ring.

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