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Kotaku has the scoop.

"Midway recently combined its Midway Los Angeles studio with its San Diego one, a move the publisher says will help the TNA Impact! team work better with its other studios in Chicago, Austin, Seattle and Newcastle, UK. Midway looks ready to increase the focus on that studio, hiring more staff there as well."

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# 1 JiggidyJames @ 07/24/08 05:56 PM
This one from the Observer sounds juicier:

TNA has no financial stake in the development of their videogame for Midway. Interesting also is that there is no blood in the game, except some blood drops in the ring. Things donít look good for Midway as the Los Angeles development house that was producing the TNA game has been shut down, with a majority of the employees, including everyone working on the TNA game, being given a chance to stay with the company but move to the San Diego office. The public reason given was the move makes it easier for the TNA team to work with the San Diego office. This is said to not affect the release date of the game, scheduled for late this year. Midway is counting for big numbers from the game, which many question.
There was a little editorial at the end, but it's unnecessary

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