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Like the links? Kick off some conversations about them!Let's see, Saturday was spent cleaning and doing yard work. Also had someone give us an estimate on replacing a few windows in the house. For some reason, the previous owners replaced all the windows, but these. Man, windows cost too damn much.

Yesterday, we went to the beach and I got TOASTY! Got a nice burn on my back, looking like a fresh lobster. Nat enjoyed it, wifee got the tan she wanted and I spent too much time in the waves, lol. We left just before it rained and the traffic coming home was a beast.

Might be doing a little riding in the mountains next weekend, should know more about that later in the week.

What's up with you?
  • QOTD: How was your weekend?
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# 1 boomhauertjs @ 07/28/08 07:38 AM
LOL: Shuttlecock cartoon

The upskirt shot from Double Dragon reminded me of the cheerleader in the Tecmo Bowl halftime show who's skirt would flip up.

QOTD: Went camping at a cabin owned by a friend of my wife's family. All of us except my father-in-law stayed in tents. It was a nice weekend, except for a thunderstorm on Saturday night which made things a little soggy. Looking forward to next weekend when I'll be home on a weekend for the first time since June.
# 2 Scott @ 07/28/08 07:45 AM
Shuttlecock cartoon is hilarious

QOTD: Saturday I worked, Yesterday just spent some time relaxing. But Today, me and my gf are going to the Rangers game tonight.
# 3 callmetaternuts @ 07/28/08 07:53 AM
Whats up? Not looking forward to work........

QOTD: Weekend was good. Wife took a test for her Master's on Saturday. She doesnt find out her score for 30 days, but we went out sat night to celebrate. Grabbed two bottles of win, went out to a restaraunt and sat outside and just hung out, was nice and relaxing.

Links; If XBOX Live is free now, i will be SO pissed. I just signed up for gold a week ago, literally. Nintendo used to be the forerunner in alot of conversations, and ill admit, i havent given them much of a thought the last few years bc of the way theyve gone. Haha, that cartoon is good stuff.
# 4 Behindshadows @ 07/28/08 08:23 AM
QOTD - Stayed at a friends, until I find a new place or a magical exterminator.

Took my PC and made a few game videos. Hopefully gametrailers will compress them fast enough.

Took my son to a basketball park and hooped with him for 3 hours, damn I'm out of shape.

And slept and relaxed on Sunday!
# 5 Herky @ 07/28/08 10:24 AM
QOTD: Weekend was good. Grilled some killer chicken wings Friday and went to a pool party Saturday. Sunday I relaxed.
# 6 Brandon 2006 @ 07/28/08 11:05 AM
QOTD: Weekend was pretty terrible. On Saturday we had to take our dog and get it put down. On Sunday I played some basketball and just lounged around the house.
# 7 Steve_OS @ 07/28/08 12:08 PM
Originally Posted by Brandon 2006
QOTD: Weekend was pretty terrible. On Saturday we had to take our dog and get it put down. On Sunday I played some basketball and just lounged around the house.
Ugh, sorry to hear about your dog Brandon. I know how tough it can be.
# 8 davin @ 07/28/08 01:31 PM
Weekend was a mixed bag.

Saturday saw Step Brothers with the girlfriend and had a nice dinner.

Sunday found out my aunt and uncle (who I was fairly close to, I spent many summers at their house) were getting a divorce. I'm ok with it as I found out this had been brewing for some time, they just wanted to wait until my cousin graduated and had his party before telling everybody. Sharkweek started so that was a plus.

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