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Like the links? Kick off some conversations about them!Was all ready to ride the bike into work today and I step outside and it's raining. Pisses me off. I hate weathermen, I really really do. It's only their JOB, you'd think they'd be half way decent at it. If it was my job, I would have been fired a long time ago. You see, you are here to do a job, get it wrong once fine, twice ok...but 3 times? Get out! You're fired, bring someone else in that can actually DO THE JOB. I guess that logic doesn't work w/ weathermen. Guess I picked the WRONG profession! Bitter much? YEAH!

OK, sorry for that rant.

What's up with you?
  • QOTD: Is your weatherman reliable?
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# 1 boomhauertjs @ 07/29/08 07:39 AM
LINKS: I'm honestly surprised they were able to come up with 50 hot female golfers.

I just don't see how GTA IV fits in with the whole "Wii philosophy" of appealing to families and the casual gamer.

Gas prices may be falling, but not as fast as oil prices have fallen. I'm sure the oil companies will continue to make record profits.

What's going on? Saw the Tribe beat the Tigers last night. Had great seats (4 rows behind the Tribe's dugout) thanks to my dad's work. Skipping basketball tonight to get a few beers with my friend from high school who's in town this week.

QOTD: Cleveland's weather can be pretty unpredictable, so I guess they do a decent job.
# 2 callmetaternuts @ 07/29/08 08:35 AM
QOTD: No, in fact my wife and i have a running joke when we listen to the weather guy if he says "10% chance of rain" then we say "pack the umbrella" or if he says its gonna pour, we make plans to go to the beach, and its about 50/50 each time. Its ridiculous how wrong they are sometimes

Edit: Links: 50 hottest female golfers, notice how many of them are just college golfers, but some not too bad looking ones in there. Always happy to hear gas prices falling
# 3 Qb @ 07/29/08 09:24 AM
I don't expect gas prices to drop all that much. According to a report on ABC news (actually watched it for about 2 minutes last night), Americans drove almost 10 BILLION fewer miles in May 08 compared to May 07. Fewer miles driven means less gas purchased, which probably means that prices will stay high to maintain those previously mentioned record profits...

QOTD: I couldn't tell you as I almost never pay attention to the weather report. I just look out the window unless planning some sort of special outdoor event...
# 4 davin @ 07/29/08 09:56 AM
QOTD: For the most part yes, but we have one guy who is usually so off it is funny. His nickname is "Blizzard Bill", and he seems to embrace it. Every winter there might be a storm coming in, he predicts on average about 4 more inches of snow from that storm than anybody else. More often than not, the storm either disappears or leaves about 1 inch of snow on the ground. The way he forcasts sometimes you think the apocolypse is coming.
# 5 slickdtc @ 07/29/08 10:03 AM
QOTD: Yeah they're pretty consistent. At being wrong.
# 6 Scott @ 07/29/08 10:30 AM
QOTD: I use weather.com and they're pretty accurate.
# 7 Acid @ 07/29/08 02:54 PM
QOTD: One of the weathermen here is named Dallas Raines, so he has no credibility whatsoever. I like Elita whateverherlastnameis, even if she's wrong...her rack is awesome.
# 8 Chaos81 @ 07/29/08 02:55 PM
QOTD: Lets see, yesterday it was supposed to be 96, with a heat index of 110, and it was cloudy, 82, with a heat index of 85. You tell me.

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