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Like the links? Kick off some conversations about them!I have a problem. You see, I buy games and they sit on my desk, collecting dust. Why? Because I just don't have the time to play them, yet I continue to buy them, thinking YES! Today is the day I'm going to sit down and play some games. But stuff happens and I don't get around to it. Anyone else have this problem? I used to play for hours upon hours every night. Now it seems I don't have time for a single hour. Just too much to do, with too little time.

What's up with you?
  • QOTD: How long do you usually stick to a game, before it starts collecting dust?
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# 1 callmetaternuts @ 07/30/08 07:12 AM
Whats up? Dentist appt was ok, nothign major, thank God

QOTD: It depends on the game. Examples. The Show is on and off again, GT IV was hardcore for about 3 weeks, havent touched it since. MGS 4, played it till i beat it, straight through almost. NCAA and Madden (assuming they dont suck) is from July till Feb.

Links: No idea what 2.42 does, i dont keep up with it that much. My soul is worth $126,075, but some of those questions have no good answers (if you are being real about it)
# 2 boomhauertjs @ 07/30/08 07:28 AM
LINKS: My soul is worth $72,610 Soul Dollars.

The list of people who will ruin your party is good. I know some people that are more than 1 of those at a time.

What's Up: Looking to be a real boring day at work today. This week is dragging. In the last week, the only night I did any gaming was Sunday.

QOTD: A month of two, depending on when I get my next game. The true standout games to me (Rock Band, for example) are the ones that I play months and months later.
# 3 slimkalhun @ 07/30/08 09:00 AM
LINKS: My soul is only worth something if my wife can get half... (well that is what she told me at least, the story of my life pretty much)

Whats Up: Today looks like its going to be a slow day for me as well, just watching the clock until lunch time, also focusing on this Favre situation on ESPN.com

QOTD: Sports games usually stick with me for a while thanks to online play, Im really having a ball with The Show and my franchise, might the the firs time that played all of my games in a season. shooters and adventure games seem to last about 1 month maximun for me honestly.
# 4 slickdtc @ 07/30/08 09:40 AM
I have a lot of free time to play games right now, so I do play a decent amount. However, for guys that have careers and families among other things, I don't know how you get any gaming time in. I'm just cramming as much gaming in as possible now, while I can!

QOTD: Heh, good question. Considering I have about, 6 games for my XBOX, I'd say I play 4 on a consistent basis. Right now, Madden 06 and NFL 2k5 are collecting dust because they're not in season (though to be honest, I played a game of both within the past week).
# 5 Behindshadows @ 07/30/08 10:09 AM
QOTD - Forever, I'll always go back and play it again. With 1 to 2 months breaks after 30 days or more of play.
# 6 bjf1377 @ 07/30/08 10:55 AM
QOTD: Depends on the game. Halo 2 was in constant rotation for two years, and that was by far the longest (we've actually started going back to it now). But I'm mostly a sports gamer, so the average shelf-life for a game is probably 4-6 months before I trade it in.
# 7 racerx @ 07/30/08 06:54 PM
QOTD: I am usually a season player so I would stick with a certain sports game until a week or 2 after the season ends.

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