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We have just posted some Madden NFL 09 screenshots, featuring AFC East players with their available alternate jerseys.

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# 1 RaiderKtulu @ 07/31/08 07:06 AM
...add no pants stripes on the Patriots throwbacks to the list of mistakes.

I don't understand how they managed to miss such a blatantly obvious thing on so many of these throwbacks.

I really really hope this is a beta thing and got fixed before the final release....but I'm doubting it.
# 2 callmetaternuts @ 07/31/08 07:37 AM
Im enjoying the pics of the alt unis, hoping the Bucs have the creamsicles so i can wear them for one game.
# 3 CarryTheWeight @ 07/31/08 07:52 AM
It's awesome to see they have the Bills alternates accurate and not as a weird hybrid of their uniforms in the '60s and '70s (as they were in 08). Great feature BTW, always nice to see all the "classics" they have in the game.

I do have one complaint, though: Although it may be from a beta build, Ralph Wilson Stadium still doesn't look accurate (no LCD ribbon on upper deck and lack of big HD video monitor). Oh, well, I guess next year will be the time for that. The Madden series was never really the pinnacle of accurate stadium and uniform models, anyway. If they keep up the community input, though, I think most of the issues dealing with inaccurate uniforms and stadiums will be fixed next year.
# 4 Spanky @ 07/31/08 09:59 AM
Can any EA people on the board comment on whether they fixed some of these throwbacks for the final version?

Specifically, the Pats' missing the stripes on the pants, and the logo being reversed on one side of the helmet. Looks like the Buffalo on the Bills' helmet is too large as well, but that's not as big a mistake as the Pats' classic unis.
# 5 JMD @ 07/31/08 10:09 AM
That pic of Moss getting clocked is excellent.
# 6 stantencza @ 07/31/08 10:09 AM
Did I not see the Pats alternative silver jerseys?
# 7 Tengo Juego @ 07/31/08 10:43 AM
I have to admit those were my favorite throwbacks of last year.
# 8 swaldo @ 07/31/08 11:14 AM
Originally Posted by RaiderKtulu
...add no pants stripes on the Patriots throwbacks to the list of mistakes.
The Patriot sock stripes are incorrect as well. I don't think they've ever had that scheme...

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# 9 AftershockFx @ 07/31/08 05:43 PM
I'm really digging the Bills and Pats throwbacks. Even if there are errors with the sock and color scheme on the Pats its nice to see a quality change. The Dolphins alt uniforms look amazing as well.

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