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You know that water main break I had last week. Well, it broke again! So I have no running water, got to get buckets of water from the water wagon. At least it is across the street this time.

The place I live at, the utilities suck! Water mains always break, the electricity somehow goes out, must be some junk circuit breakers on the grid. I could say that the electricity hasn't gone out for awhile.
  • QOTN: Would you rather have no water than have no electricity?

UPDATE: They turned back on the water, for now. I found out there are two leaks in the main pipe. Who knows when they will turn it back off. On to the links!

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# 1 Scott @ 07/31/08 10:41 PM
Living in TX, No Electricity would be worse, I can't deal without A/C.
# 2 boomhauertjs @ 08/01/08 07:17 AM
No water. I could always buy jugs of water from the store and take a shower at the Y (if I was desperate).
# 3 rock85 @ 08/01/08 07:58 PM
No water. I cant live without playing my games one day. I know there is the PSP and the DS but i love playing on my 52" flat screen

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