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Multiplayer.it has posted video footage of NBA 2K9.

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# 1 DC @ 08/04/08 11:01 PM
1. Sounds like Clark Kellog just repeats everything that Kenny used to say.

2. Moves seem WAY too fast

3. Nice dunk by Rondo

4. Nice layup by Bynum

5. Nice SIMPLE oop by KG. But I see again that the crowd noise BREAKS after the home team scores like it sometimes did on 2K8

I am sure this is an OLD build so I won't worry about any of these issues cept for the commentary which I am pretty sure will be stale again
# 2 DakkoN @ 08/04/08 11:02 PM
good find man

fast break by rondo looked nice, dude got GONE
# 3 DakkoN @ 08/04/08 11:12 PM
the crowd sound is bad for most of the video, and nice and loud at very few points..

the players look good... court spacing is still bad.. jerky change directions animations are still there
# 4 sluggerjackson @ 08/04/08 11:14 PM
Thanks for the video, looks pretty good.
# 5 Jano @ 08/04/08 11:18 PM
Great find jerseyballer wasn't much new stuff in the video besides some layups and the improved graphics. Not going to analyze this too much because its obviously an old build of the game.
# 6 ZoneBlitz @ 08/04/08 11:20 PM
Looks ok; can't wait to see the final version. Court spacing is still horrific, looks like the same engine.

However, I'm sure it will still be a great game.
# 7 sva91 @ 08/04/08 11:20 PM
Finally fixed the Lakers away jerseys and added some good looking wristbands. Now they just need to make all the jersey numbers larger. Also it seems they lost the shoe licenses. All the screens and this vid show generic shoes.
# 8 beauboy00 @ 08/04/08 11:25 PM
clark kellog was repeating kenny's lines word for word almost

and cheryl miller's sideline report sounded a lot like craig sagers....come on early build 2k!
# 9 Goffs @ 08/04/08 11:28 PM
the positive i see so far is how the players are running to get the play set up...you see the actually run rather than jog to get the motions...looks smoother
# 10 23 @ 08/04/08 11:34 PM
Originally Posted by jerseyballer7
I believe this is actual footage of NBA 2k9. The guy in the background talks about the game. You even hear the commenting which If I'm not mistaken is Kellogs voice.


Mods if I'm wrong for what I did please lock. I'd just wanted to share this with the other members.

Thanks for the vid man...

Also pictures in the sig aren't allowed here.
# 11 DC @ 08/04/08 11:35 PM
Ooooooooooo I love how at the end of the quarter they show the replays and then the score as if they are about to go to a commercial break
# 12 lamoyou401 @ 08/04/08 11:38 PM
disappointed I am
# 13 Goffs @ 08/04/08 11:40 PM
ooo they have the towel waves and finger foams for the crowd...dont remember if that was in last year
# 14 SageInfinite @ 08/04/08 11:41 PM
Looks like a real NBA to me. Crowd doesn't sound as authentic as live's, but the crowd has alot of emotion which I like. Still don't have a problem with the commentary like most do. Also the crowd is waving foam fingers now . Also loved the end of the quarter high lites. This is my most anticipated game of the year as always .
# 15 DC @ 08/04/08 11:43 PM
Live sounds WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY better than 2K. I don't know why 2K can't get the sound right in their games man
# 16 Goffs @ 08/04/08 11:44 PM
i agree with the crowd sounds...its the same as last year
# 17 23 @ 08/04/08 11:45 PM
Commentary gets bland man

They need some serious stuff that doesnt sound like a script scene

Just let the announcers do their thing

I hate that they dont get much height on the fadeaway shots... I wish they would change those animations
# 18 23 @ 08/04/08 11:47 PM
LOL classic

KG dunks a lob at the end of the qtr and the crowd says nothing at all
# 19 TMagic @ 08/04/08 11:47 PM
The thing that impressed me most were the plays. Players were coming hard around the screens and really looking like they wanted the ball. The plays also have options. Two players would be coming hard around screens. On one play there was a pick set for the ball handler but another man was coming off a screen so a pass could be made there as well. I think I saw Ray Allen fake a down screen and pop back up to the top. Rondo made a pass to the corner and then cut to the hoop. The movement on plays looks really nice right now.

That's definitely the biggest thing that stood out to me.
# 20 ThaGenecyst @ 08/05/08 12:00 AM
looks like it plays good... commentary is still booty when compared to Live's lol Where's the commentary overhaul!!! Hearin Kellog repeat Kenny Smith almost made me fall out of my chair

it's lookin good though

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